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Waddle the Mynah Bird


Waddle knew he could trust his loving God, and so can we!

Memory Verse:

Psalm 91:2, "The Lord is my God and I trust in Him."

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


I know I can trust my loving God!

A Funny Walk:

Waddle was a Mynah bird who lived high up in a very tall tree.  Every day he would fly down onto the lawn and walk around looking for something to eat.  But all the other birds would laugh at him.  He had such a funny way of walking!

Perhaps you would like to see how he walked on the lawn? (Let the children respond).  I want you to stand up and hold your hands together behind your back.  Bend your body and head forward as if you were searching for something on the floor.

Now walk around slowly waving your body from side to side, while you take great big steps (Let the children respond).  That's right, now you are walking just like Waddle.  And my, but you do look funny!

Trusting God!

And that's what all the other birds chirped as they watched Waddle waddling around pecking for food!  Well, Waddle thought, "You can laugh all you want.  But, I have nice brown feathers, a fine black head and two strong wings.  And best of all I have a loving Heavenly Father!"   And with that Waddle flew off and soared high into the air.

All that day he searched everywhere for food.  But there was none!   Waddle flew here and there.  But the ground was dry as there had been a drought for many months.  There was just nothing to eat!  "I know I can trust my loving Father," sang Waddle, "He looks after all His creatures, and the Lord is my God and I trust in Him!"

A Bowl of Food!

Just then Waddle spotted a man emptying something into a bowl.  He flew closer and watched as the family dog sniffed at the bowl.  The dog turned up his nose and went and lay down in the shade.  "My turn!" chirped Waddle and dived down to that bowl.  "Food for Africa!" sang Waddle, "Thank You Father!  I knew that I could trust You!"

And what a meal that was.  Waddle didn't just waddle as he walked around the dish gobbling up food as fast as he could, he also wobbled with one very full and bulging stomach as he flew uncertainly back to his nest!

God looks after You!

Yes, God had looked after Waddle and He will look after you.  Like Waddle, you too can say, "The Lord is my God and I trust in Him."   Let's say that together, "The Lord is my God and I trust in Him!" (Let the children respond).  When you go to bed tonight say it again!

And when you get up tomorrow say, "The Lord is my God and I trust in Him!"  Don't forget to say it every day!

God bless.


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