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Mitzi the Human Dog


If we are God's children, then we will behave like Jesus, and be kind and loving to other children.

Memory Verse:

1 John 3:2, "We are children of God."

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


I'm the only Human Dog!

Almost Human!

Mitzi is a little dog who belongs to the Jones family.  She is almost human, or thinks she is, and has this idea that she is part of the family and so ought to have a place at the dinner table!  If the family doesn't watch out, she will jump on a chair and rest her head on a place mat.  And then she will wait for a chance to grab a bite from someone's plate!

The Jones family has a hard time convincing her that she is only a dog and that dogs don't eat human's food or sit at the table.  But, then everybody loves Mitzi and she plays for hours with the children.

Everybody's Dog!

Even the baby loves Mitzi and you would think Mitzi was her nanny.   Everywhere the baby goes, Mitzi follows and makes sure that she doesn't hurt herself.  The baby even climbs onto her back or pulls her ears, and Mitzi will just lie there with her tongue hanging out and a silly smile on her face.

When Lucy dresses her up in her old clothes, Mitzi is one happy dog.  She will prance around and bark with joy.  The twins love to play soccer and Mitzi gives them a hard time chasing the ball, picking it up in her mouth and dancing around them when they try to take the ball away from her.  What a dog, she's everyones favourite!

Of course, beds are made for dogs and Mitzi is well aware of this.   Each night she crawls into someone's bed and lays on her back under the blanket.  Just try and turf her out, and she will wiggle deeper into the bed until she lies at your feet.

Too Noisy!

Of course Mitzi loves Dad!  He's big and warm and cuddly, and Mitzi always finds the best spot and is soon fast asleep.  Dad, however, finds it hard to sleep as a jumble of barks, snarls and snores fill the room.  You would wonder how such a small dog can make so much noise!

Mr Jones had had enough one day and crossly told his wife that it was time for Mitzi to sleep outside!  Out came the hammmer, nails and tools, and all day there was banging and sawing, hammering and yelling when the hammer hit a thumb rather than the nail!

At last a fine doghouse was finished and Mitzi was pushed inside and told to stay there.  Mitzi let out one howl and refused to go into her kennel.  And that was the end of that!  When night time came, Mitzi crawled into Johnnie's bed and refused to move!

Eat Your Food!

That was not the only time that Mitzi insisted that she was a human.   Mr Jones took a firm stand that she must eat her own food.  Mitzi was banished to the kitchen with a bowl of dog biscuits and the door was firmly closed behind her!  The family sat down to their meal and for a short time thre was peace and quiet.

All of a sudden there came the most unearthly howls.  The family rushed to the kitchen convinced that Mitzi was dying!  And Mitzi?  She just lay there with big pleading eyes and a wildly wagging tail.  No amount of scolding helped.  Not a chance, human food was the only food fit for her!

In desperation, the family turned a blind eye to Mitzi climbing onto a chair and laying her head on the table.  And then big, mournful eyes would beg each person to spare a morsel for one hungry human dog!  But Mitzi is a dog and there is no getting away from it.

God's Children!

The Bible tells that as God's dear children, we must continue in Him (1 John 2:28).  This means that if you love Jesus and have asked Him to come and live in your heart, then you are one of God's children!  We really do become God's children, unlike Mitzi, who only thought she was a human.

If you are truly a child of God, then you need to act like Jesus in all you do and say.  Jesus was always kind and loving to other people.  And so every day ask Jesus to help you be kind to other children and not say or do unkind things.

If you ask Jesus, he will help you to be kind, and then you will please God.  And that's a very good thing isn't it?

God bless!


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