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Almost Caught!


Jesus wants us to say "No" to doing things we know are wrong.

Memory Verse:

2 Timothy 2:22, "Flee from wrong desires." or
"Run from things you know are wrong."

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


A wistful pigeon

Tempting Food!

Wistful sat on the window sill and ruffled his feathers.   He peered hungrily through the window.  "If only I could!" he thought as he stared at the cat's dish of food that looked so tempting.

What had mother said?  "Beware of that cat!"  He hopped up and down as he chirped, "What does Mother know anyway?"   So he flew down to the ground and walked angrily around.   "It's not fair!" he cooed, "Why must the cat always be spoilt with all that nice food.  I'm hungry and I deserve some of it!"

Beware of the Cat!

He noticed that the kitchen door was open and so he hopped onto the step and peeped inside.  He forgot all about his mother's warning about the cat as he saw the bowl, and it was full of delicious food!

"That's all mine!" he cooed and hopped over to the dish.  In a flash he was gobbling up the food, unaware of a smiling cat who was hiding behind the kitchen door!

Nearly a Disaster!

The cat crept forward and prepared to pounce on the unsuspecting pigeon.  He sprang into the air, but just in time the pigeon saw the cat's shadow.  Wistful flew out of the door into the garden, leaving a trail of flying feathers.  And the cat?  He angrily swished his tail and stalked off to find a warm spot where he could wash himself!

Wistful flew to a branch on a nearby tree and tried to catch his breath as his heart raced with fright.  His mother flew down and scolded him for being a disobedient bird and nearly allowing the cat to catch him.  Poor Wistful hung his head in shame for he knew that he had done wrong.

Don't be Foolish!

Wistful told his Mom that he would never do it again.  But, he was always hungry and keeping an eye open to find the best food.  And so, I wonder if he will listen to his mother next time?

I hope you boys and girls that you will not be foolish like Wistful, and always say "No" to doing things that you know are wrong.

God bless!


Copyright © Sharon Children's Ministries

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