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Mighty Mouse


Jesus will help us to be not afraid of the dark.

Memory Verse:

Psalm 56:2, "When I am afraid, I will trust in You."

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


Fun at the Circus

Fun at the Circus:

The Mighty Mouse family had come to town and heard the band playing.  "Let's go to the circus!" they cried.  And off they went and had the best seats in the Big Top tent, right at the ring side!  They were very impressed by the Ringmaster as he called out each act in turn with a loud voice.  They laughed and laughed at the clowns antics until they cried!

They watched the trapeze artists swinging high above their head.   They sat on the edge of their chairs as they flew through the air and gasped when one nearly fell.  The white show horses amazed them as they trotted back and forth and whirled in time to music.   They loved the bare-back rider who did tricks and even stood on his head as his horse galloped around the ring!

The Prize Act:

Jumbo was the prize act in the Big Top circus.  Each night he would trumpet loudly as he walked proudly into the ring.  He was the King of the Jungle, but he had a tiny heart even though he weighed three tonnes!

That night, when Jumbo came striding into the ring, the mice family cheered with the rest of the audience.  He strutted around the ring with his trunk waving in the air.  His trainer cracked his whip and Jumbo picked him up with his trunk and carried him sitting on his neck.  And then he knelt and the trainer slid down his trunk onto the ground.

The big moment came when the drums rolled and the trainer cracked his whip again.  The huge elephant slowly lifted himself onto his rear legs.  And just as he was going to stand on one leg, a dreadful thing happened!

Disaster Strikes!

The youngest mouse was so carried away that he had crept round to where the Ringmaster was standing with his top-hat raised in his hand.  "Please Sir," squeaked Junior, but the Ringmaster stepped back at that moment, and Junior was horrified as he saw a large boot descending onto him!  Quick as a flash he jumped right into the middle of the ring and landed at Jumbo's feet!

Well, that fearless King of the Jungle immediately became a big blob of jelly.  He quivered, and shaked, and shook, and then wildly charged out of the ring, nearly flattening the Ringmaster as he ran trumpeting into the night!

Mighty Mouse!

The audience and the Mighty Mouse family laughed until they cried.   Although, Junior did get a good talking to when they arrived home!   One thing though, Junior got a new name and everyone started calling him, "Mighty Mouse!"  That name stuck and made Junior very proud!

And that fearless Jumbo?  Well, no damage was done.  After his trainer had calmed him down, he got over his fear of mice and munched a huge bunch of delicious bananas for supper!

Don't be Afraid!

And us?  We don't have to fear the dark or noises in the night.   The Bible says that "When I am afraid, I will trust in God."  And that's all you need to do.  Just talk to Jesus and ask Him to protect you and to take away your fear.  And He will.

God bless!


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