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Chino the Church Mouse


Jesus wants us to share what we can.

Memory Verse:

Colossians 3:8, "Stop being angry and unkind."

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


I eat and eat and eat!

A New Preacher!

Chino bounced onto the pulpit and squeaked with delight as he scrambled on top of the open Bible.  "Dearly Beloved," he shouted, "We are gathered here today to celebrate spring."  All the mice cheered as he went on, "The church folk kindly left us a feast of food, so let's begin!"

With that he took a flying leap onto the floor and waddled over to where all the mice had gathered around a huge piece of cake.  They all tried at once to grab the cake, and that's when the trouble started.  "It's mine!" one shouted.  "No! It's mine", yelled Chino.

The Fight!

In a moment there was a rolling mass of mice.  You just saw teeth and whiskers and flying tails!  Chino fought his way into the middle and sank his teeth into the cake.  He was determined to that he was going eat all that cake all by himself!

The other mice disagreed.  But, no one thought that it would be good idea to share the cake, because everyone was greedy and ready to fight.  Chino was whirled around and around, and the cake started to crumble and in no time all he had left was a tiny crumb!  The cake was gone!

The mice stopped fighting and looked sheepishly at each other.   Chino looked at his ragged fur coat.  He had bites and scratches all over his body and tail!  The other mice were in just as bad shape.  For a while no one spoke as they licked their wounds.

Where's the Cake?

And then a small brown mouse asked, "But, what happened to the cake?"  Everyone looked around and were just in time to see "Old Sly One" the rat slinking off busily licking cake crumbs off his whiskers, and with a great big silly grin on his ugly face!

If only those mice had been kind to each other and shared the cake the fight could have been avoided, and all would have gone to bed happy.  But, that didn't happen.  No, they just glared at each other, and spent a sleepless night licking their sores!

Caring and Sharing:

Jesus wants you to be willing share things that you can, like your crayons and toys.  He wants you to be kind to other boys and girls, and if you do this, you will stop fighting and hurting each other.

This will please Jesus.  And so you need to do what the Bible tells us, and "Stop being angry and unkind" to each other!

God bless.


Copyright © Sharon Children's Ministries

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