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The Honey Pot


We need to say "NO" to doing naughty and wrong things.

Memory Verse:

1 John 1:9, "Jesus will forgive us when we do wrong."

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


Yummy, this tastes good!

Listen Carefully!

Marmaduke was a little mouse who lived with his family in an old house.  At night when everybody was asleep, all the mice would creep out and run all over the kitchen looking for food.  One day his mother called all the young mice and told them, "Listen carefully!   There's danger in pots!"

Well, Marmaduke was too busy to listen.  He was playing a game called "Don't Look - Just Jump!"  You had to climb onto something, close your eyes and leap off and hope you landed safely!  It was exciting to climb onto the toaster and jump off and land with a thump on the counter!

My Best Jump!

One day, Marmaduke landed on the table.  He had made the best jump he had ever done.  In fact he nearly fell off the other side of the table!  Just in time he flicked his tail and skidded to a halt.

But, what was that lovely smell?  He twitched his whiskers and followed the smell to where it was coming out to a clay pot.  "Now, what did Mom say about pots?" he thought, "Oh, I can't remember and this one smells simply too delicious!"  And so he stood up on his hind legs to get more of the heavenly smell.

If Only!

"I'm too short to see in", he squeaked and with that he leapt into the air and landed with a plop right inside the pot!  "Oh no!" he shouted, "I'm stuck!"  And he was.  Sticky honey clung to his legs and belly!

He tried lifting one leg and then another.  But it was no use, he was well and truly stuck!  He gave a loud squeak, but it was too late.  Marmaduke sank slowly into the pot and his last thought was, "If only I had listened to my Mom!"

Saying, "No!"

Boys and girls, God wants you to say "No" when you want to be naughty or do things you know are wrong.  God knows when you to do something wrong, and then you need to ask Jesus to forgive you.

But, how can you be good?  Each morning, you need to ask Jesus to keep you from doing wrong things during the day.  Jesus will help you if you really meant what you asked Him.

So don't be like Marmaduke and fall into the Honey Pot!

God bless.


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