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Little Blackbird


Little Blackbird was injured and rejected by all his friends, but he learnt to trust in a loving God.

Memory Verse:

"Pray for those who treat you badly" (Luke 6:28)

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


Injured and unable to fly

Rejected by Others:

Sometimes boys or girls are injured and their bodies become crooked or they walk in a funny way.  Some children are born blind or deaf, or with bodies that look strange and different.  At school children will mock them and call them nasty names and then reject them as useless.

Sometimes children will reject ordinary people as well.  They will not play with you or share their toys.  They will be unkind to you and will say nasty things about you behind your back and then reject you as a friend.

The Blackbirds:

There was a flock of Blackbirds who lived in some oak trees.   Every morning they would fly around the town looking for food.   All day they would swoop and soar in the air catching insects.   Or they would land in a garden and hunt in the grass for worms and insects.

Late in the evening they would fly in a great cloud of birds back to their nests in the tall oak trees.  All that is except Little Blackbird!

Little Blackbird is Injured:

Little Blackbird injured his wing when he flew into a branch.  He fell to the ground and lay there winded.  After a long time, he got up and tried to fly, but he could not flap his one wing.  He had dislocated that wing and now it stuck out at a funny angle.   All he could do was hop around on the ground.

It was late in the afternoon, so he chirped to his friends.  And what did they do?  They flew down and scolded him for being so careless.  "You look like a dumb bug!" they shouted and laughed unpleasantly as they mocked him.  The last thing he heard was someone shouting, "Silly bird, let's leave him there!"

Rejected and All Alone:

Little Blackbird lay in the grass all night and in the morning he hoped to see all his friends again.  But they had totally rejected him.  He felt so alone and sad!  For days he hopped around the garden hoping to find something to eat.  One day he chirped, "Please Father God, help me to fly again."

God had not forgotten him.  No, God looked down at him from Heaven with love and compassion.  While Little Blackbird was clumsily hopping around the garden, he bumped into a rock and heard a click from his wing.  All of a sudden the pain left his wing as the bone clicked back into place again and he could move it freely.  He gingerly flapped his wings and to his great surprise, up into the air he flew!

Healed and Restored:

How happy he was and chirped his grateful thanks to his loving Father God.  His wing was healed and he soared and swooped in the sky once more!  And do you know what?  Little Blackbird forgave his nasty friends and joined them that night as they flew in a great cloud of birds back to their nests in the oak trees.

Sometimes you feel rejected when children don't want to be your friends.  But you do have a Friend and His name is Jesus.  He looks down from Heaven with love and compassion and wants to live in your hearts as your Best Friend and Saviour.

Jesus Heals our Hurts:

Ask Jesus into your heart and let Him take away all your hurt and pain.  He wants to fill you with love and joy.  And then like Little Blackbird, you will be able to forgive those who reject and mock you.

You will be happy inside and this will draw other children to you.   And before you know it, you will have a whole lot of new friends!

God bless.


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