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Cricket and Spider


He thought he could get away with it, just like children who do wrong things.

Memory Verse:

John 8:32-33:
"Everyone who does wrong is a slave to sin."
"If Jesus sets you free, you will be really free."

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


Caught in the web!

Caught in the Web!

Cricket hopped around the house until he came to a dark dusty part.   His mother had warned him to avoid such places, but he didn't listen or care.  It wasn't much of a web, but that careless cricket had touched it and now he was caught!

He tried to break the sticky silk thread, but it was too strong.  So he tried to walk away, but the the web was like an elastic band and just pulled him back again.  He then tried jumping up and down.   He kept doing this and wished that he had listened to his mother.   But that only bound him more and more firmly in the web.

It's Mealtime!

Spider was pleased when he saw this huge meal.  He crept closer and jumped onto the back of the cricket.  Cricket knew he was in deep trouble!  He jumped up and down even more, but it was too late.

In less than a minute, Spider had bound up the cricket with layers of silk!  And what happened to poor old cricket?  There was no one to set him free, and he became a meal that lasted for months!

You won't get Caught!

Cricket thought he could get away with it, just like children who start to do wrong things, but Cricket got caught in the web.  Children also get caught in a web that the devil wants to catch them in.  The devil likes to whisper in children's ears, "If you don't get caught the first time, then you'll get away with it next time!"

And if they keep on doing wrong things, before they know it, they are caught in the devil's web.  And then they cannot get free of things like lying, stealing, swearing, and being disobedient and cheeky.   And beware, the Bible warns us that our sins and wrong doings will catch us out!

Getting Free:

Jesus is not happy when you do wrong things.  He wants to set you free from the web that the devil catches you in.  God will forgive you if you ask Him and Jesus will make you clean inside again.

Jesus will break the threads of the devil's web and the Bible tells us that if Jesus sets us free, we will be really free!  You then need to be sure that you pray daily and ask Jesus to keep you from doing wrong things and to help you please Him in all you do and say.

You don't want to be caught in that web again, so remember Cricket and what happened to him!

God bless.


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