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God wants his children to obey their parents and be good in all they do and say.

Memory Verse:

James 1:22, "Do what God says."

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


I like to laugh a lot!

The Friendly Soldier:

Long ago there was a soldier named Laugh-a-Lot.  He was called "Laugh-a-Lot" because he was friendly and loved to tell jokes and roar with laughter.  He wore a tunic made of leather and had a helmet, a sword and a set of bows and arrows.

Each day his captain made sure that all his soldiers practised with their weapons, so that when the time came, they would be able to fight the enemy.  "Be proud of your uniform," he told them, "You are soldier of the king!"

The Beautiful Dream!

Laugh-a-Lot had one desire, and that was to become a knight.  Each day he would watch the knights as they rode proudly out of the castle.   He then made his way to the great hall, for it was his responsibility to clear the tables and sweep up any food that the knights might have messed on the floor!

In the great hall there was a long mirror and Laugh-a-Lot would spend hours in front of it.  He would imagine himself as a knight clothed in shining armour!  He would have a huge horse and sit proudly in the saddle wearing a silk cloak with his coat of arms sewn on it!

And then he would ride out of the castle as captain of the knights, while the people cheered, and would proudly hold up great sword that sparkled with many precious jewels.  He sighed when he saw just an ordinary soldier in the mirror.  It had been just a lovely dream!

The Fall!

Unfortunately, one day the captain let Laugh-a-Lot go to town.  He found an inn and began to drink and gamble.  He soon forgot what his captain had said about being proud of his uniform, and that he was a soldier of the king.

In next to no time he had gambled all his money away and when he staggered out into the street, he was so drunk that he fell flat on his face in the mud!  As he fell, he tripped over his beautiful bow and it snapped clean into two pieces!

As he examined the remains, he heard some small boys yelling.  They were kicking his helmet around like a football!  "Stop that at once!" he yelled, but it was too late, his smart helmet now resembled a squashed pumpkin!

The Sorry Sight!

He staggered off down the road and tried to sneak into the castle.   But someone spotted him and shouted, "Here comes Laugh-a-Lot.  Come and see this sorry sight!  All the soldiers came running and roared with laughter as a muddy figure came shame-faced before his angry captain clutching a dented helmet and a broken bow!

"You are a disgrace to this castle, Laugh-a-Lot," snapped the captain, "Go to your quarters at once!"  Someone shouted,"Let's name him: 'Fall-a-Lot.'  Just look at the mess he's in!"  Poor Laugh-a-Lot crept away and it was many weeks before he could hold up his head up again.

The Battle:

One cloudy morning an enemy attacked their castle!  Laugh-a-Lot stood in the gateway and fought so hard that the enemy had to retreat, and then the knights were able to drive them away.  The captain was so pleased that he called all the soldiers together and told them that he was going to recommend that Laugh-a-Lot be promoted to be a knight!

The king was impressed with Laugh-a-Lot's bravery and agreed to make him a knight.  It was a grand day when the king came into the great hall with all his attendants.  There was a great trumpet fanfare as the king took his place on his throne.

The New Knight!

Laugh-a-Lot was called forward and knelt before the throne.  The king tapped each of his shoulders with the tip of a huge silver sword and said, "You are no more 'Laugh-a-Lot'.  I now knight you, 'Sir Lancelot'!" Never again did Sir Lancelot forget who he was.  He no longer needed to look in the mirror in the great hall.  Now he was dressed in the full armour as a knight, and rode a huge brown horse just like the one he had dreamed about.

And the time even came when the king promoted him to the rank of captain.  What a proud day that was, when he rode out of the castle at the head of all the knights!

Children of the King:

Laugh-a-Lot forgot that he was a soldier of the king!  And we are the children of our great God!  Are you going to forget who you are?  Will you be naughty and get into trouble?  And are you going to fight, and be cheeky, and shout and scream?

Our memory verse says, "Do what God says!"  God wants you to ask Jesus to live in your heart so that you can be one of God's children.  And then He wants you to be good child of God, by being kind and obeying your parents!

Pleasing God:

Our memory verse tells us that you cannot just pretend to do well.   No, you need to do what God says, and do what pleases Him.   Laugh-a-Lot became a good knight, and you need to become a good child of God.

You can do this by being good in all you do.  Let's pray and ask God to help you to be good in all you do and say, and to help your parents and obey them.

God bless!


Copyright © Sharon Children's Ministries

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