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Sly-One the Rat


Jesus wants us to love others.

Memory Verse:

1 Peter 1:22, "Love one another."

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


One sly rat ....

Now's My Chance!

Nobody like Sly-One.  We will call him "Sly" for after all he was a rat, and who likes rats anyway?  He always told lies and would steal anything you had in a flash!  Sly would slink around just looking for something to steal.  But, he was clever and cunning, and knew just how to trick you into thinking he was good and honest!

One day Sly was in the garden and saw that the door to the playhouse had been left open a crack.  Jane had been playing with her dolls and a plate of artificial fruit.  She had forgotten to close the door properly and as Sly peeped in, his mouth watered at all the delicious looking fruit lying on the plate!

Sly looked around and saw that all the other rats were busy searching for food all around the garden.  "Now's my chance," squeaked Sly, "I will steal all this fruit before anyone sees me!"

Now's My Chance!

He crept into the playhouse and quickly picked up an apple in his big teeth and scurried off to his den.  Back and forth he went until the plate was empty and all the fruit was hidden deep under his nest.

That evening as the other rats went past to their nests, Sly laughed at them and shouted, "Suckers!  "You'll never have enough food for winter unlike clever old me!

Well, winter soon came and it was freezing cold.  Sly's mouth watered as he thought about all that lovely fruit!  What a shock he had when he tried to eat an apple.  Poor Sly nearly broke his teeth when he took a huge bite!  All the animals came running when they heard Sly scream, "Now I'm going to die - I've got nothing to eat for winter!

Kind Friends:

The animals put their heads together, "What can we do to help poor Sly?"  The suggestions flew back and forth and then they decided to share!  Would you have given that greedy Sly any of your supper? (Let the children respond).

The rats rushed back to their nests and everybody brought back a little food for Sly.  He could not believe his whiskers at their kindness and watched as his store of food grew and grew until there was plenty to last all winter.  What kind friends he had!

A Changed Rat!

Sly stammered his thanks, and do you know what happened to him? (Let the children respond).  Yes, that sly old rat changed and gradually learnt to love others.  He was no longer greedy nor stole any more.

Everybody was so pleased with him, so they decided to change his name from "Sly One" to "Kind-One".

Kind Children:

I hope boys and girls that you will not be foolish like Sly-One.   Ask Jesus to live inside you, because He wants to make you kind and wants us to "Love one another".

Let's say that together, "Love one another" (Let the children respond).  If you love each other, then you will be able to play happily with other children and with your brothers and sisters.

God bless!


Copyright © Sharon Children's Ministries

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