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Bee Kind


We will be happy if we are kind to other boys and girls and this will make Jesus very happy too!

Memory Verse:

Ephesians 4:32, "Be kind to everyone."

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


Helping you makes me happy

Trouble in the Hive:

One day in spring there was trouble in the hive.  There was no honey left to feed the baby bees.  None at all!  All the bees were flying flew around anxiously, but there were also no flowers.  Anywhere!  And this was because there had been no rain, and the earth was dry, all the flowers had wilted and died.

Bees need flowers don't they?  Yes, they need flowers to get nectar to make honey to feed baby bees and even children too!   Well, BusyBee was a little worker bee and he had looked everywhere, but he couldn't find even a single flower!  But, then one sunny morning as he flew over a farmer's lands and what did he see?   You'll never guess what!

All for Me!

Yes, a whole bed full of flowers that the farmer's wife had carefully watered!  "Yippy!" cried BusyBee and dived into the nearest flower.  He drank and drank sweet nectar until his tummy was full.  At last he waddled up to the edge of the flower with a fat round tummy, and burped loudly!  "Shush!  He grinned, Someone might think that you're a piggy-bee!

He flapped his wings and with difficulty he flew back toward the hive singing and happy as a bee can be.  When he got there, he thought to himself, "I won't tell anyone so that I can have all the flowers and nectar to myself!

We need Food!

BusyBee flew to where the queen-bee was laying eggs and chose a honeycomb cell where a white egg lay and filled it with the honey he had made.  When he finished, he flew to the hive entrance where his friends were waiting.  When he saw how worried they were about the lack of food, he felt bad inside.  The hive needed food and he was being very unkind.

We must Share!

He knew that we must share what we have with others.  We need to be kind to our friends and let them play with our toys, even our best ones, isn't that so?

Well, BusyBee was really very kind, so he quickly told the other bees to follow him as he flew back to that special garden.  What a surprise they had - there were flowers and flowers.  There were red ones, yellow ones and every colour you could think of.

Making Jesus Happy!

The bees joyfully got to work gathering nectar and soon the hive was bustling with busy, buzzing bees.  And there was plenty of food for all the baby bees and that made Queen bee very happy!

BusyBee was also very happy that he had been kind and shared his flowers with all his friends.  And children, you will be happy if you are kind to other boys and girls and this will make Jesus very happy too.

Remember you are not a bee, but you can Bee Kind! God bless.


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