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When you want to impart important information to a child, it is often best related in a story, because it is more easily understood and enjoyed.

Telling children stories about God helps them to understand Him and His loving nature.

I like Stories

Stories teach truths that will shape their character and show the consequences of their actions.

Their faith will grow and help children see how God is intimately involved in every aspect of their lives.



  1.  Other Stories
  2. - Mostly for Primary School children

  3.  Story Telling - To capture the attention and imagination of children

  4.  Bee Kind
  5. - We will be happy if we are kind to other boys and girls

  6.  The Honey Pot
  7. - Marmaduke could not resist the honey pot!

  8.  Chino the Church Mouse
  9. - It's good to share and avoid fighting

  10.  Mighty Mouse
  11. - Jesus will help us to be not afraid of the dark

  12.  Tulu Falls In
  13. - He learnt a hard lesson about pride going before a fall

  14.  Almost Caught!
  15. - Jesus wants us to say "No!" to doing wrong

  16.  His Eye is on the Sparrow
  17. - God watches over all His children

  18.  Mitzi the Human Dog
  19. - God's children should behave like Jesus

  20.  Waddle the Mynah Bird
  21. - He knew he could trust his loving God

  22.  Sly-One the Rat
  23. - Became "Kind-One" when he learned to love others

  24.  Two Ways for Lamb
  25. - We need Jesus as our Best Friend

  26.  Keeper of the Light
  27. - Tad learnt to trust God and overcame his fear

  28.  Laugh-a-Lot
  29. - A knight learnt to be good in all he did and said

  30.  Fishing and Forgiving
  31. - I burst into song, because I was forgiven!

  32.  Cricket and Spider
  33. - He thought he could get away with it!

  34.  Little Blackbird
  35. - He was injured and rejected by all his friends!

  36.  Timmy Worm
  37. - God wants to change children into a "New Me!"


  38.  Primary Stories
  39. - Various other stories to choose from

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