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The Miracles of Jesus


Jesus is never too busy or too far away to hear and answer our prayers.

Bible Text:

From Luke and John's Gospels.

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


Healing a crippled man

Jesus' Miracles:

Jesus performed many miracles so that people would know that He was the Son of God.  A miracle is something only God can do.  You cannot make people better, can you? (Let the children respond).  Or answer prayers and do things that no human can do.  Who can do things like this? (Let the children respond).

Yes, only God can do this.  God gave Jesus the power to do miracles as well.  I'm going to tell you about some of the miracles that Jesus did:

Feeding the Five Thousand:

One day Jesus was preaching to a large crowd of people and when evening came, the disciples were worried because the only food they had were five small loaves of bread and two tiny fish.  But Jesus said, "Bring them to Me", and taking the loaves and fish, He prayed over them and blessed them.  And then He broke them into pieces and gave them to the disciples to give to the people.

Peter was so surprised that the bread and fishes kept growing as fast as he could give it to people all around him.  What would you have done? (Let the children respond).  I'm sure Peter went faster and faster as he shouted, "Quick, take what you want!  Hurry up now!"  He wanted to see if the bread would run out!  But, it didn't, and Peter was amazed to see that five thousand people ate until they were full and there was still plenty of food left over!

Walking on Water:

One evening, Jesus' disciples were in a boat far out on the lake, and Jesus came to them walking on the water.  Peter's eyes nearly popped out of his head.  "Lord," he shouted, "If it is You, tell me come to You on the water."  Jesus answered, "Come!"

Peter jumped up excitedly, and climbed over the side of the boat, nearly overturning it in his haste!  He put one foot on the water and it did not sink!  He placed his other foot on the water and bounced up and down a little.  Wow!  It was like walking on jelly.  "This is fun", he shouted and took some steps towards Jesus.  Just then a wave crashed over his feet and splashed all over him.  Suddenly Peter was afraid, and beginning to sink, he cried, "Lord, save me!"  Do you think Jesus just let Peter sink into the water and drown?  (Let the children respond).

No, He didn't.  Jesus reached out His hand and caught Peter.   "Oh man of little faith", said Jesus, "Why did you doubt?"  And Jesus then helped Peter back into the boat, and as they did so, the wind stopped blowing and there was a great calm!  This miracle so amazed everybody in the boat that they said, "Truly Jesus, You are the Son of God!"

Jairus' Daughter:

A man called Jairus came to Jesus one day and fell at His feet saying, "Lord, my little daughter is dying.  Please come and put Your hands on her so that she will be healed and live."  His plea touched the heart of Jesus and He replied, "Yes, I will go with you,"  And so Jesus went with Jairus, and the disciples and a large crowd followed.  As they came near to Jairus' house, some men came out and said to Jairus, "Your daughter is dead, so why bother the teacher any more?"

But Jesus told Jairus, "Don't be afraid Jairus, just believe."   And when they came to the house, people were weeping loudly.   Jesus asked, "What is all this wailing about?  The child is not dead but asleep."  The people laughed at Jesus and so He put them all outside and shut the door.  He then went into the child's room with Jairus, his wife and some of His disciples.

Do you think it was too late because the girl was already dead?   (Let the children respond).  No, Jesus took her by the hand and said, "Little girl, I say to you, get up!"  Immediately the girl stood up and walked around the room to their complete astonishment!   Jairus could not believe his eyes and hugged his daughter.  I think he said, "Master, You have given me back my beloved daughter!"  And Jesus would have answered him, "Whoever comes to Me I will never drive away!"

Jesus Answers Prayers:

In the same way as Jairus, you can reach out to Jesus as well.   Jesus healed those who came to Him and believed in Him.  He is never too busy or too far away to hear you pray to Him.

When you feel sick, or sad, or even angry, you can pray, "Jesus, please help me."  And Jesus will help you, make you better, and help you to feel good inside again.

God bless!


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