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Abraham and Lot


If we ask God, He will help us make good choices.

Bible Text:

Genesis 13 and 14.

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


Abraham and Lot decide to separate

The Land of Canaan:

When Abraham travelled to the land of Canaan, he took with him everything he owned.  That was a whole lot of stuff, because he was very rich!  He had lots of tents, lots of silver, lots of gold, and herds and herds of sheep and cattle!  Do you think he needed a whole lot of lorries to carry his stuff? (Let the children respond).

No!  They didn't have any lorries in those days, and Abraham only had lots of servants, donkeys and camels to carry his belongings!

Abraham's nephew, Lot, lived with Abraham and the problem was that he also had lots and lots of servants and lots and lots of animals!  So between Abraham's and Lot's animals there was hardly enough grass and water to go around.

Everywhere you looked there was just lots of tents and servants, and lots of pots and pans, and lots of goods and bedding, and lots of sheep and cattle, and lots of shepherds and herders!

What do you think it sounded like?  (Let the children respond).

Someone has to Move!

There was so much baa-ing and bleating, and mooing and lowing, that Abraham could hardly hear himself talking!  And before long there just wasn't enough room for everyone to stay in the same place.  Even worse, their shepherds and herdsmen began to quarrel and fight over the best grass and water for their animals and herds!

It's not good for boys and girls to quarrel and fight is it? (Let the children respond).

No, its not and I'm sure Abraham must have shouted, "Someone has to MOVE!!"  And so they decided that someone would have to live in a different place.  Since Abraham was older, he could choose first where he wanted to stay.  But Abraham did not want to argue over land, so he said to Lot, "You choose first where you want to live with your sheep and cattle.

I think that Abraham was very unselfish and kind to do this.  Don't you think so? (Let the children respond).

Lot's Choice:

Well, Lot looked around and saw the beautiful Jordan valley.  "Hah!" he thought greedily, "That's the best land and now I will get rich!"  He turned to Abraham and said very humbly, "I will take the low lands if that's alright with you, Abraham".

Do you think Lot was a very nice person? (Let the children respond ).  No, I think he was very selfish and greedy.

And so poor old Abraham was left with the dry and rocky hills and not much water for his herds!  But, it was decided, and so Abraham stayed in Canaan while Lot moved near to the city of Sodom.

Lot rubbed his hands in glee as he looked over his rich and fertile fields!  "More sheep, more cattle and more cash and riches," he cackled, but didn't realise that the men of Sodom were very wicked!  Do you think Lot made a good choice? (Let the children respond).

Abraham Rescues Lot:

Soon a war broke out between the kings that lived in cities near Lot in the Jordan plains.  Lot and his family were taken prisoners and all of their possessions were stolen!  Abraham heard about the terrible news.  Do you think Abraham really cared after Lot had taken all the best lands for himself? (Let the children respond).

But Abraham was very kind and knew he had to do something about it even though he lived far away.  After all, he was still Lot's uncle wasn't he?  So Abraham called together servants, all 318 of them!

He set out to rescue Lot and with God's help, Abraham defeated all those kings and rescued Lot, his family and all their possessions!

"Thank's Uncle!" cried Lot as he waved goodbye to Abraham and returned to his home once more.  Do you think he was really grateful for what Abraham had done? (Let the children respond).

Bad Choices:

Abraham went sadly back to his home because he knew that Lot didn't realise that he had made a bad choice in choosing to live on the Jordan plains near Sodom.  In fact because of all the wicked people in Sodom, God was going to destroy that city with fire!

God told Lot to take his wife and two daughters and get far away before all the bad people died.  Lot obeyed God, but Lot's wife looked back as they hurried away and she was turned into a pillar of salt by the fire and died, and so poor Lot lost all his possessions!

Lot had made a bad choice, don't you think so? (Let the children respond).  What wrong choices can children make? (Let the children respond).

Good Choices:

Had Abraham made a good choice?  After all he was living on the dry and rocky hills and water was scarce for his herds (Let the children respond).

Yes, Abraham had made a good choice, and God said to him after Lot moved away, "Look to the north and south, east and west.  All the land that you see I will give to you and your families that come after you forever.  I will make your children as numerous as the dust of the earth, so go and walk throughout the land, for I am giving it to you today."

That was a wonderful promise wasn't it? (Let the children respond).  God was not only giving Abraham the hills, but He was giving him the whole land of Canaan!

Our Choices:

God also wants us to make good choices.  If you choose to disobey your parents, or be naughty, and shout and scream, those are bad choices.  But, if you ask God, He will help you make good choices.

God can help you to decide to be good and listen and obey to your parents.  God can help you choose to help your Mommy or Daddy, be kind to your friend, and share your toys.  If you make good choices, that will please God.

Let's ask Jesus right now to help you make some good choices today!

God bless.


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