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The Baptism of Jesus


Children can please God by obeying Him.

Bible Texts:

Matthew 3:1-17.
Luke 3:1-21.

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


John baptising Jesus

Get Ready!

John the Baptist came down to the Jordan River preaching, "Get ready for the Kingdom of Heaven is near."  He was telling the people that they should turn away from doing sin and wrong things, and start to obey God's commands before it was too late.

John wore clothes made out of camel's hair, and he had a leather belt around his waist.  What do you think he ate?  (Let the children respond).  He ate locusts and wild honey!   Would you like to eat crunchy insects even if they were sweetened with honey!  (Let the children respond).

People came to John from Jerusalem and from all over the province of Judea.  If they said they were sorry for all the things that they had done wrong, and really meant it, then John would baptised them by dipping them into the Jordan River.

What Shall We Do?

The people wanted to serve God, so they asked John, "What shall we do?"  And he answered, "Whoever has two coats, let him give one to somebody who needs one.  And if you have plenty of food, then give some to those who are hungry.

The tax-collectors also came to be baptised and asked him, "Master, what shall we do?"  John answered them, "Collect just the taxes that the Government tells you to, and no more!"  And then some soldiers asked, "And what shall we do?"  John answered them, "Don't beat up any person, nor falsely accuse anybody of doing wrong, and be content with your wages!"

The people wondered in their hearts whether John was Jesus or not.   John said to them, "No, I am not the Christ.  I baptise you with water, but I am not good enough to carry even His sandles!  He will baptise you with the Holy Spirit!

Jesus is Baptised:

Now Jesus himself was about thirty years old when He began His ministry and came from Galilee to the River Jordan to be baptised by John.  John tried to stop Him, saying, "I need to be baptised by You."  But Jesus replied, "Let it be so for now, for we must do what God wants us to do."  Did Jesus always do what God wanted Him to?  (Let the children respond).  Yes, Jesus always did what God wanted Him to do, because He wanted to please God in all He did and said!

And so John then baptised Jesus by dipping Him into the river.  As He came out of the water, John saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and alighting on Jesus.  And a voice from Heaven said, "This is My own dear Son, whom I love, and I am well pleased with Him!"

Pleasing God:

God was pleased with Jesus because He always obeyed God and never sinned.  Children can also please God by obeying their parents and doing what you have been taught in Sunday School.  You can pray every day and ask Jesus to help you to be good.  He will then help you to please God in all you do and say.

And what is your answer to the question, "Master, what shall I do?"   I hope your answer is, "I'm going to obey my parents, and Jesus, and be kind to other people!"

God bless.


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