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God Calls Abraham


If we trust and believe God, we will be His friend.

Bible Text:

Genesis 12.

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


Abraham camping along the way

God speaks to Abraham

Long ago, God had a very special friend whose name was Abraham.  His name means "One who is the father of many people".  He didn't have many children of his own, but the Bible tells us that he is the father of all who believe God and do the things which please Him.

Abraham was seventy-five years old when God spoke to Him, "Abraham, move from your home town of Ur and go to a country that I will show you!"  Abraham didn't argue, but packed his belongings and together with his wife, Sarah, his father, and his nephew, Lot, they set out on a long journey.

The Long Journey:

Abraham had many cattle and sheep and the way was dusty and very hot.  They were glad at night to find a place where they could set up their tents and camp overnight.  Are you glad to go to bed when you are tired?  (Let the children respond). But, it must have been a very hard journey because Abraham didn't know where he was going!  All he knew was that God promised to show him where to go, and he trusted God!

They journeyed on day after day, week after week, in the dust when it was dry, and in the wet when it rained.  It was very tiring and they longed for a nice dry house.  Do you have a nice warm and dry house? (Let the children respond).

Abraham and his family came to a place called Haran, but were very sad when Abraham's father died there.  However, they travelled on and finally reached the land of Canaan which God had promised to Abraham.

God's Promises:

Besides the land of Canaan, Abraham wondered about God's promise that he and his wife, Sarah would have a son.  God also had promised that the children who came from Abraham would do good to all the people in the world!

God doesn't always do what He promises right away.  Does He always keep His promises? (Let the children respond).  Yes, He does and always does it at the right time!  God's time hadn't come, and so Abraham and Sarah had to keep on waiting patiently!

Abraham continued to trust God and knew the time would come when God would keep His promises.  Because he trusted and believed God, Abraham was called the friend of God.  Isn't that wonderful?  It's great to have friends and I hope you have a special friend to talk to and play with every day.  (Let the children respond).

Our Friend God:

Did you know that God has other friends?  (Let the children respond). Yes, I mean you and I.  If we love God and do what pleases Him, then we are God's friends.  In fact our best Friends are God and Jesus!  Do you know why?  (Let the children respond). Because God and Jesus love us dearly, and protect and care for us.

I think that we should say a special thank-you to God and Jesus for being our best Friends, don't you?

God bless!


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