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Daniel in the Lion's Den


We are safe because Jesus loves us and is always watching over us.

Bible Text:

Daniel chapter 6.

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


God shut the lion's mouths

The Jealous Rulers:

King Darius of Babylon admired and respected Daniel, so he made him a governor over the people.  Daniel loved God and served Him, and treated the people kindly, and so the people liked him and obeyed him.  But, there were other rulers in the country who were very jealous of Daniel.

Is it good to be jealous? (Let the children respond).  When people are jealous they often do nasty things, don't they?  What do children do when they are jealous of you or jealous of the things that you have? (Let the children respond).

Well, these wicked rulers tried to find out where Daniel was doing wrong things.  They would then go and report it to the king!  But, they found that Daniel only did everything that was good and right.  "He's a goody-two-shoes!" they said, "The only way we'll find fault with Daniel is in the way he serves his God!"

The Wicked Law:

And so the rulers decided to closely watch Daniel because they knew that he was faithful to God.  They saw him praying every day in front of a window in his house.  "Ha!  We've got him!" chuckled those wicked rulers and ran straightway to the king and cried, "Oh, king, it will be a good idea if you made a law that for the next thirty days no one is to pray to any god or man, except to you!"

They rubbed their hands in glee as they saw how this pleased the king.  Was this a good law, and would you obey it?  (Let the children respond).  "Oh king," the rulers said as they bowed before him, "You must command that anyone who disobeys this law must be thrown into the den of lions!"  The king thought this was a great idea and immediately put the law into in writing and signed it.

Brave Daniel:

Daniel continued to pray as he was determined to please God, and did not care if the king got angry.  Those evil rulers spied on him and when they found him praying, they rushed to the king.  They reported, "King Darius, that man Daniel has disobeyed you!"  They chuckled, "And now you must throw him into the den of lions!"

When the king realised what a clever and wicked trick these men had played on Daniel, he tried to save him.  The king wasn't angry with Daniel and didn't want him thrown into the den of hungry lions and eaten up.  But he couldn't change the law that he had made!

Into the Lion's Den:

There was nothing the king could do to save Daniel, so he sadly ordered his guards to throw Daniel into the den of lions.  They pushed Daniel into the den of fierce hungry lions, and rolled a large stone over the entrance to stop him from escaping.  "That's the end of Him!" shouted the rulers, "Now we will be chief governors!"

Do you think that the lions killed poor Daniel and ate him up? (Let the children respond).  Well, that night the king couldn't sleep and tossed and turned on his bed the whole night long.  He knew that Daniel served a wonderful God, and hoped that his God would be able to save him from the lions.  But the king wasn't sure that He would, because he didn't know much about God.

Daniel is Saved:

When morning came, the king rushed to the den to see what had happened to Daniel.  The king called out, "Daniel, was your God able to save you from the lions?"  The king clapped his hands with joy when Daniel answer, "O king, my God sent His angel and shut the lions' mouths, so they haven't hurt me!"

King Darius was very happy and released Daniel from the den.  He then ordered that those wicked rulers be thrown into the lion's den, and they were all eaten up!  He then wrote out a new law that all the people of Babylon should fear and tremble before the powerful God of Daniel.  And so Daniel lived on as a wise governor for the king, and continued to worship God in peace and happiness!

Kept Safe!

And we are glad that we can go to Sunday School and sing praises to God.  God is good and we are safe because Jesus loves us, and is always watching over us.

Let's say thank-you to Jesus for His love and kindness, and for keeping us safe at night and during every day.

God bless!


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