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The Tower of Babel


God wants us to trust and depend on Him, and always ask Him for help.

Bible Text:

Genesis Chapters 10 and 11.

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


Let's build it up to Heaven!

We want a Tower!

After the Great Flood, all the people spoke the same language and could talk to one another every day.  Can we understand each other? (Let the children respond).  Yes, we all speak the same language and so you can understand me when I talk to you.

But, one fine day, all those people shouted, "Let's build a big city, and a great tower!  We'll make it so high that it will reach right up to Heaven!  And this will make a great name for us!"

Yes, these people were proud and thought they were very clever, and wanted to be just like God and do anything they wanted to.

Can We do Anything?

Can we do anything we want to?  Anything at all? (Let the children respond).  No, we can't do things are naughty or wrong, or we will get into trouble.  Somethings can hurt us, like if you jump off the roof and hope to fly!  If you eat icecream all day, you will be sick!

God wants to protect you and help you choose to do only things that will help you grow up as good children.  He only wants you to have things that are good for you.

We'll make it last Forever!

Yes, the people planned to make a tower that would last forever!  And so they learnt how to make bricks, and how to cement the bricks together with tar.

"Come," they cried, "Make the tower strong and very high!"  Every day they sweated and worked from sunrise to sunset and watched the tower grow taller and taller.  It became so tall that the foreman at the top looked tiny and you could hardly hear his voice shouting, "We need lots more bricks and cement!"

God was Displeased:

But God wasn't pleased at all to see the people building this big tower.  He didn't want them staying in one place where they could do whatever they liked, and think that they were better than God!   He knew that would make them terribly proud.

No, God wanted them to live in all the countries of the world and fill them with people.  But God also had a plan and do you know what He did? (Let the children respond).  He made all the people speak in different languages!  Now they couldn't understand one another at all!

I can't Understand You!

I want you to make up a language of your own.  Now speak to the person next to you and in your language, tell them you need more bricks and cement. (Give the children a short time to try this).   Did you understand what the child next to you said? (Let the children respond).

No, everybody building the tower were confused.  "What did you say?" they asked.  But nobody could make head or tail of what other people were saying.  And so they all got cross and left the tower unfinished and started to move away.  Some went in one direction, others in another.

Eventually they settled in different countries just as God wanted them to, and built houses and lived there.  And that's why there are so many languages in the world today.  But they never again tried to build a tower up to Heaven!

We need God's Help:

Pride is when you think you are better than someone else.  What about when you disobeyed your Mommy or Daddy or weren't nice to someone?   You were only thinking about yourself and didn't care how the other person felt.  And that is pride.

God hates pride, because when you think you are better than others, you don't need God and think you can do everything better on your own!   But you do need God and He wants you to trust and depend on Him by always asking Him to guide and help you.

Let's ask God to help you be kind to other people and always do the right things.  And then you will please God, and your parents, friends and other people.

God bless!


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