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Naaman the Leper


God has the power to heal us from all kinds of diseases.

Bible Text:

2 Kings 5:1-27.

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


Naaman dipping in the Jordan River

Naaman's Leprosy:

Long ago, Naaman was a commander in the Syrian army and was a great soldier.  But he had leprosy which is a terrible disease that eats away parts of the body.  Fortunately, he had a young servant girl who came from Israel, and she said to Naaman's wife, "If my master could only see the prophet in Samaria, he would cure him of his leprosy."

Naaman was filled with hope and rushed to tell the king of Syria all about this prophet who could cure leprosy.  Would you be excited if you had a terrible sickness and someone told you that there was someone who could cure you?  (Let the children respond).

Go and get Cured!

The king was also excited because he was very fond of Naaman.  So he sent Naaman with gifts and a letter to the king of Israel, asking him to cure Naaman.  When the king of Israel received the letter, he got all upset and shouted, "But I can't cure leprosy!"

Fortunately, Elisha the prophet heard about Naaman, and sent the king a message: "Let Naaman come to me, and he will know that there's a prophet in Israel!"

Go and Wash!

So Naaman went with all his horses, chariots and servants to Elisha's house.  And do you know what?  That rude Elisha didn't even bother to come out!  No, he just sent his servant to tell Naaman, "Go and wash yourself seven times in the Jordan."

Naaman was furious!  "What go and wash in that muddy river?"   Would you wash yourself in a muddy river? (Let the children respond).  Well, Naaman shouted, "Never!  The rivers in my country are much cleaner!"  And so, instead of listening to Elisha and doing what he said, he went away in a rage!

Alright! I'll Dip Myself!

Fortunately Naaman's servants calmed him down, and finally Naaman went down to the Jordan river and dipped himself in the water seven times.  Let's pretend we are dipping ourselves in that river.

Ready?  One - two -three - four, down we go!  (Let the children respond).  Oh, I'm tired!  Can't we stop now?  No?  Alright then, five - six - seven, down we go! (Let the children respond).

I'm Healed!

And guess what happened?  Naaman began jumping for joy!   His servants were now convinced that Naaman was mad, but no, "I'm healed!" he shouted, "All the leprousy has disappeared and I'm as good as new!"

Naaman's servants became excited as they examined his lovely new pink skin.  There was no trace of leprosy left!  Yes, Naaman was healed and made whole.  That soldier from Syria praised our wonderful God and said, "Now I know that there is no God in all the world except in Israel.  And Naaman went back to Syria a healed and happy man!

God can Heal Us!

This story shows us that God has the power to heal us from any sickness.  If you are sick, all you have to do is pray to God and ask Him to make you better.  God hears us and knows our needs even before we ask.

So pray and put your trust in God to heal you, because He loves and cares for you!

God bless.


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