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God Feeds Elijah


God provided Elijah with food he needed, and He will also give us what we need.

Bible Text:

1 Kings 17.

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


Ravens bring bread to Elijah

No Water!

Long ago there lived a man named Elijah and he loved and served God with all his heart.  But, there was a wicked king named Ahab who was causing the people of Israel to do wrong and worship a false god called Baal.  Because of this, God wanted to teach that wicked king a lesson, so God stopped the rain from falling for a long time.

All the rivers dried up and the plants wilted and died.  As a result there was no food.  The people began to get very thirsty and hungry.  But God told Elijah where to find a stream that hadn't dried up and so Elijah walked until he found it.  And when he got there, he splashed water over his hot and dry face and then drank and drank until his thirst was gone!

No Food!

Elijah was hungry and as he looked around, he saw no crops or food!   Have you ever been very hungry and thirsty?  (Let the children respond).  Poor Elijah was all alone in the middle of the desert and now he was going to die from hunger and thirst.

But God knew Elijah was hungry, and so he sent Elijah some food.   Guess what food God sent him?  (Let the children respond).  No, it wasn't friend chicken or cake and icecream!

Big Black Birds!

Early the next morning, big black birds called Ravens arrived, and flew down to the ground and landed at Elijah's feet.  "Oh, God," called Elijah, must I catch these birds and eat them?"  Would you like to eat big black birds?  (Let the children respond).

No, God had sent ravens and they had bread and meat in their beaks!   They dropped the food on the ground and Elijah scooped it up.  What a lovely meal he had that day!  With his tummy full, Elijah lay down and before he fell asleep, he thanked God for providing him with food and water to save his life.

Food Every Day!

When evening came, the ravens appeared again with food in their beaks!  Elijah was so happy, so he prayed and thanked God again for all the lovely food.  And would you believe it, God sent the ravens every morning and every night with food for Elijah!  God also kept the water running in that little stream.

God provided Elijah with what he needed, and He will give us what we need as well.  Why will He do this?  (Let the children respond).  Because God loved Elijah and He loves every boy and girl too!

Let's pray now and thank God for the food we've had today, and ask Him to give us what we need.

God bless!


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