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David the Good King


God wants us to obey, love, and trust Him.

Bible Text:

1 Samuel chapter 16 to 2 Samuel chapter 2.

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


David fighting Goliath

Shaking in their Boots!

When David was a young shepherd boy, God chose him to be the future king over the people of Israel.  Samuel the priest had come to David's home in Bethlehem especially to anoint him to be king over Israel.  And at that time Saul was still the King of Israel!

One day Goliath, the Philistine giant, challenged any man from Saul's army to come and fight him.  "If he wins, we will serve you," he shouted, "But If I win, you will serve us as slaves!"

King Saul and his soldiers were so scared that they ran and hid in their tents.  Meanwhile, young David had come to visit his brothers who were soldiers in King Saul's army.  When he heard Goliath's challenge, David told everyone that he would fight the giant.   Would you want to fight a giant?  (Let the children respond).

I'll Fight Him!

When King Saul heard about David, he called him to his tent.  He was very supprised to see a young boy, but anyway the king dressed David in his armour.  But it was to big!  King Saul's helmet slid down over his face and he couldn't see.  The sword was too big and David kept tripping over the king's shield!

Finally, David said, "King Saul, I can't wear your armour, I don't know how to use it and anyway I'm far too small.  I'll just use my slingshot and five small stones as weapons!"

How would you feel if you walked towards a giant who was twice as big as you and had a huge sharp sword?  (Let the children respond).

David faces Goliath:

King Saul watched David as he bravely walked towards the giant, who seemed to get bigger every step that he took.  I'm sure King Saul whispered, "Farewell, that's the end of you, young man!"

David took out his slingshot and loaded a smooth round stone in the pouch.  The giant towered over him and made horrible threats of what he would do to David.  But David loved God and trusted that God would protect him, and that made all the difference.

Do you love and trust God?  (Let the children respond).

David fights Goliath:

David began to swing his slingshot around over his head.  Faster and faster it went and then David shot off a stone that flew straight as an arrow and sunk into the giant's forehead.  Let's make a noise like that stone flying through the air, hitting Goliath and then him crashing to the ground.  (Let the children respond).

Quick as a flash, David ran to the giant and seized his huge sword and cut off his head!  That day the Israelite army won a great victory over the Philistines.

A Great Friend!

After that battle, David moved into King Saul's palace and became like a brother to Saul's son, Jonathan.  Whenever King Saul was in a bad mood, David would play his harp to cheer him up.  This was because David played so well and sang beautiful songs praising God.

But King Saul grew jealous of David's popularity with the Israel people, and so he made him a commander of the army and sent him into battle, hoping that David would be killed by the Philistines.

A Great Soldier!

But David was not killed, and was successful in all he did, and so the people loved him even more.  This made King Saul even more jealous and so he plotted David's death.  But Jonathan warned David and helped him to escape from Saul.

Later, King Saul and Jonathan were killed in battle with the Philistines, and David was very sad at the loss of his king and dearest friend, Jonathan.

A Great King!

And then David became King of all Israel, and never was there a greater king.  He continued to play his harp, and to compose songs of praise to God, and we can read many of those songs in our Bible in the Book of Psalms.

What do you think was the secret of David's success?  (Let the children respond).  Yes, it was because he loved God and served Him with all his heart.  David was not only a great king, but also a good king, because he cared for all his people and they loved him in return!

Great Children!

God wants you to obey your parents without making a fuss.  And as you grow up, God wants you to learn more about Jesus, so that you can please Him in all you do.  This will make God very happy, and I'm sure you want this too.

And if like King David, you are kind and care for people, you will find that they will love you in return.  I hope that you will always love, obey and trust God just like David did.

God bless!


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