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Cain and Abel


Jealousy leads to bad feelings of anger and hate.


Genesis 4.

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


I hate you!

Adam's Two Sons:

After Adam and Eve had to leave the garden of Eden, they had two sons.  Their first son was called Cain and the second was called Abel.  Cain was a farmer and grew wheat and vegetables, while Abel was a shepherd who looked after the family's sheep and cattle.

Adam had told Cain and Abel that they needed to offer a sacrifice to God to show that they were sorry whenever they did wrong.  A sacrifice was where you needed to kill a lamb and burn it up in a fire.

We don't do this anymore today, because we have Jesus who died for us.  And if we ask, He will take away and make us clean from all our sins and wrong things we do.

Abel's Sacrifice:

One day, Abel wanted to make a special sacrifice to God.  So he chose his best lamb to offer to the God.  It must have been hard for Abel to give up his best lamb, but it was important to him to give his best to God.  He laid the lamb on the fire and as it burnt, the smoke went up into the air toward Heaven.  When Abel saw this, he was very glad because he knew that God was pleased with his offering and had accepted it.

Cain's Offering:

Cain must have thought his younger brother was foolish to sacrifice his best lamb.  "I'm sure," he boasted, "That God will be happy with some of my plants that I have grown!"  So he laid his vegetables and wheat on the fire, but to his dismay they just smoldered and never burnt up, and the smoke just swirled around making his eyes water!

That could mean only one thing!  God had rejected his offering while accepting Abel's.  Cain was filled with jealousy and anger!   "Come with me," he said to Abel, "Let's take a walk in the fields."  When they were hidden from the house, Cain hit Abel and knocked him to the ground and killed him!

God Seeks Abel:

Cain looked around and sighed with relief.  No one had seen him and he was safe!  But just then God spoke to him and asked, "Cain, where is your brother?"  Cain shrugged and carelessly answered, "Am I my brother's keeper?"

God replied, "Cain, what have you done?  You will no longer be your family's farmer and you will be driven away and you will live as a wanderer."  Cain finally realised the horror of what he'd done in murdering his brother, and for the rest of his life lived in fear.

Pleasing God:

Cain was very jealous of Abel and his jealousy grew into bad feelings of anger and hate.  These are sins that will also grow in our lives if we don't ask God's forgiveness when someone hurts us or says something nasty about us.  Anger and hate will grow until they control our words, feelings and actions.

God sees and hears us all the time.  He knows who makes you angry, or if you are jealous of someone.  Stop now!  If you are like this, ask Jesus to forgive you and to take away all your anger and hate!

Remember, God wants us to please Him in all we do and say.

God bless!


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