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Adam and Eve Disobey


God made rules to protect children, and so we need to ask His forgiveness when we break His rules and disobey Him.

Bible Text:

Genesis 2.

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


Eve disobeys God

Caring for the Garden:

God had told Adam and Eve that it was their job to take care of the Garden of Eden and look after all the animals.  God blessed Adam and Eve and said, "All that you see is for you to use and eat, but never touch the 'Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil' in the middle of the Garden.  That tree teaches you about good and evil, and the day you eat its fruit, you will die!"

What a terrible punishment for disobedience!  God meant that they would no longer be able to talk and see Him face-to-face, but would die one day and be buried in the ground.

The Temptation:

One day, while Eve was gathering fruit for a meal, she heard a silky voice behind her say, "Has God told you that you can eat the fruit from all the trees?"  Eve looked around and saw a snake was talking to her.   Eve answered the snake, "God told us we can eat all the fruit except for what grows on the 'Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil'."

"I don't think such lovely fruit will do you any harm," lied the snake, "God knows that if you eat from the 'Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil', you'll become just like God and be able to decide for yourself what is right and what is wrong."

Disobeying God:

The woman looked at the fruit and thought how good and tasty it looked.  She thought it would be wonderful to be as wise as God.  And so she believed the snake's lie and ate some of the fruit!

Suddenly she felt guilty because she knew she'd done something wrong, and that she had disobeyed God!

Do you feel bad when you have done something wrong?  (Let the children respond). Well do you know what Eve did?  She picked some more fruit and took it to Adam and he ate the fruit as well!

A change came over Adam and Eve and they became unhappy and fearful of God.  They became very shy when they realised that they had no clothes and were naked!  They tried to make themselves some clothes out of fig leaves, but Adam would laugh as Eve's leaves blew away.  He got cross when the same thing happened to him and Eve rolled on the ground laughing at him!

Hiding from God:

Later that day, they heard God calling them.  They quickly hid in the bushes, for they knew that they had done wrong.  But God found where they were hiding and asked, "Have you eaten from the 'Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil' that I told you not to touch?"

Adam and Eve hung their heads in shame and started to blame each other for their disobedience.  "It's your fault!" shouted Eve.  "No, it's your fault because you gave me the fruit!" yelled Adam.

But it was too late.  God was sad that Adam and Eve had disobeyed Him.  And to give them clothes, God had to kill some animals and make them clothes from the skins.  "You will now have to work hard to grow your food," said God, "And weeds will grow and spoil your crops of food!"

God then commanded them to leave the Garden of Eden and put an angel with a big sword at the entrance to stop them returning.  Adam and Eve very sadly walked out of the Garden of Eden.  The worst thing was when God said, "You can't come near Me again, and one day you will die and be buried in the ground!"

God's Rules:

God made rules to protect us, but we all have broken God's rules and disobeyed Him.  Sins are when we disobey God, like telling lies, disobeying your parents and being naughty.  God knew that we could never please Him by trying to be good.  And so God sent His Son, Jesus, to die for us on a cross and take our punishment for everything we have done wrong.

We need to ask Jesus to forgive our sins, and come and live in our hearts.  And then one day when we die, we will go to Heaven to live with Jesus and God forever.  You also need to ask God every day to help you to be good and to obey your Mommy and Daddy.

Let's ask Jesus right now to forgive us for all we have done wrong.   That will make God very happy!

God bless.


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