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God Speaks to Samuel


God wants us to serve Him faithfully.

Bible Text:

1 Samuel 1 to 3.

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


Hannah gives Samuel to Eli

Hannah Prays for a Son:

There was a woman named Hannah who live long ago and loved God with all of her heart, but she was sad because she had no children.  Every year she and her husband, Elkanah travelled to a place called Shiloh to offer a sacrifice to God.

One year, Hannah was there praying for a son, when the high priest, Eli saw her praying.  He came up to her and told her that God would answer her prayer, and that she would have a son.  Hannah was so thankful that she promised to give her child back to God.

Samuel is Given to Eli:

After a time God gave Hannah a son and she named him Samuel.  While Samuel was still a little boy, his mother gave him to Eli the priest so that he could serve God as she had promised.  Hannah then went back home and left Samuel with Eli.

How would you feel if your mother took you to Church and left you there and said she would see you in a year's time  (Let the children respond).  The Bible doen't tell us how Samuel felt, but we do know that he stayed with Eli the priest.

As Samuel grew, every year his mother came to see him and brought him a new set of clothes.  Samuel became a great help to Eli and slept near him so that he could help him during the night.

God Calls Samuel:

One night while Samuel was sleeping, he heard a voice calling, "Samuel, Samuel!"  He ran to Eli and said, "Here I am.  What did you want me for?"  But, Eli told him, "Son, I didn't call to you.  Go back to sleep."  Samuel was rather puzzled, but obediently went back to bed.

He was in bed only a little while when he again heard the call, "Samuel, Samuel!"  He jumped up again and hurried to Eli's bedside saying, "Here am I."  But the priest hadn't called him so Samuel went back to bed even more puzzled.

God Calls Again:

The voice called again a third time, "Samuel, Samuel!" and when Samuel came to Eli, the priest realised that God was speaking to the boy.  "Go back to bed again," said Eli, "And if you hear your name called again, then answer, 'I am listening, Lord'."

Samuel went back to bed and sure enough the voice called again, "Samuel, Samuel."  This time Samuel replied, "I am listening, Lord" and God gave him a very important message.  From that day forward, Samuel was to grew up to become the priest.  He did so, being obedient to Eli and serving God with all of his heart.  And Samuel was greatly loved by the people of Israel, for they knew that God was with him.

Serving Jesus:

God wants you to grow up to love God and to serve Him faithfully like Samuel did.  The Bible tells us in 1 Samuel 2:26 that:

"And the child Samuel grew up, and was in favour with God and with men."

Luke 2:52 says the same thing about Jesus who also pleased God.

Let's ask Jesus to help you grow up and always please God and everybody in all you do and say.  If you love God and serve Him faithfully, then one day you will live in Heaven for ever.  I hope you will be there!

God bless.


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