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Let My People Go!


God knows each child and has a plan for their lives.

Bible Text:

Exodus chapters 3 to 14.

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


Snakes don't frighten me!

The Burning Bush:

One day when Moses was eighty years old, he saw a fire burning in a bush.  But, he was frightened, because that bush was not being burnt up by the flames!

As Moses watched this strange sight, God called to him and told Moses that He had come to deliver His people Israel from the Egyptians.   God told Moses to go to Pharaoh and tell him to let the Israel people go, so that they could leave Egypt with all their cattle and possessions.

How would you like it if someone caught you and your family and took you far away, and forced you to make bricks all day and build huge buildings?  (Let the children respond).

The Sign:

God told Moses to throw his staff on the ground as a sign.  When Moses did so, it became a snake.  The Lord then told him to pick up the snake!  Would you have picked it up?  Perhaps it was a very poisonous one!  (Let the children respond).

Anyway, Mose's knees shook as he gingerly picked up the snake by the tip of its tail, and to his surprise, it became a staff again in his hand!  Then Moses asked God for someone to help him, so God said that he could have the help of Aaron his brother.

You Can't Go!

Moses left the land of Midian where he lived and returned to Egypt and went with Aaron to see Pharaoh.  Moses said, "The Lord God of Israel says you must let His people go".

Pharoah got mad and shouted, "Who are you, and who is this Lord?   I will not let His people go!"  Pharaoh then punished the people of Israel with even harder work.  They were forced to make more bricks - thousands and thousands of them, and build huge temples and statues!

When Moses and Aaron went again to Pharaoh, he demanded, "Now, prove that you speak for the Lord by working a miracle!"  So Aaron threw his staff on the ground and it became a snake.  Pharoah laughed and said, "Magicians, do the same!"  So they did and threw their staffs onto the ground and they turned into snakes.

Pharaoh laughed and laughed and shouted, "Who are you, and who is this Lord?  I won't let these people of Israel go!"

The First Plague:

Next day, Moses and Aaron caused the water in the river Nile to turn into blood, and all the fish in the river died and stank, and all the water in Egypt became blood.  But Pharoah's magicians also turned water into blood.

"I'm not impressed! roared Pharoah and refused to let Moses' people go.  Then the Lord started to sent other terrible plagues to convince Pharaoh that he should listen to Moses.

The Second Plague:

The Lord sent millions of frogs to cover all of Egypt.  You found them in your clothes and in your shoes, and in your bed, and in your food!  That was yucky wasn't it?  (Let the children respond).

But it was worse when you stood on two or three and they squished under your feet!  They were all gooey and you would think that Pharoah would have had enough when he climbed into bed that night and felt dozens of slimey frogs crawling all over his body!  "Never!" he yelled, "I'll never let them go!"

The Third Plague:

Next, God sent millions of tiny little insects called "gnats" and they bit the people and animals of Egypt.  You scratched and itched and the pesty things got into your mouth and nose, and crawled all over your body biting wherever they went!  They nearly drove those poor Egyptians mad!

And what do you think Pharoah said?  (Let the children respond).  I think he said as he scratched his tummy, "Never!  Ouch that hurt!  Nev-ee-er!"  And he wouldn't let the people of Israel go!

The Fourth Plague:

And then millions of flies swarmed everywhere in Egypt and got into everything.  I'm sure when Pharaoh opened his mouth to eat his suppper he got a mouthful of flies!  Yuck!  Can you imagine chewing flies! (Let the children respond).

But, still Pharaoh refused to listen to Moses and let the people go.

The Fifth Plague:

And then the Lord caused all the cattle of the Egyptians to die.   Pharoh went to look at his prize bull and cattle.  Oh, dear, they were all dead!

And what did Pharoah say?  (Let the children respond).   That's right he shouted, "Moses you're not going one step out of Egypt!"

The Sixth Plague:

Then God said to Moses and Aaron, "Take handfuls of soot from a furnace and throw it into the air in the presence of Pharaoh.  Moses did this and it caused painful boils to come out on all the animals and people of Egypt.

But even though Pharaoh was in pain sitting on a cushion, I'm sure you know there were lots of boils!  He wouldn't listen to Moses and Aaron and let the people of Israel go.

The Seventh Plague:

When Moses stretched out his staff toward the sky, God sent thunder, lightening and hail on the land of Egypt.  It was the worst storm Egypt had ever seen and hail struck everything in the land, both men and animals.  It flattened everything growing in the fields and stripped every tree.

The only place it did not hail was the land of Goshen, where the the people of Israel lived in slave camps, and their crops and animals were safe.  Pharoah saw this, but still he would not let them go.

The Eighth Plague:

Moses stretched out his staff over Egypt, and God sent a huge swarm of locusts.  They settled in great numbers and covered all the ground until it was black with insects.  They ate every plant left after the hail and all the fruit on the trees.  Nothing green remained on trees or plants in all the land of Egypt.

Pharaoh quickly called for Moses and Aaron and said, "I have sinned against the Lord your God and against you.  Now forgive my sin and pray to your God to take this deadly plague away from me."

And so God sent a very strong west wind, and this blew the locusts into the Red Sea until not a single locust was left anywhere in Egypt.   But Pharaoh still refused to let the Israelites go!

The Nineth Plague:

And then God sent darkness for three whole days over all Egypt.   It was totally dark and you could not see a thing!  And everyone went around feeling where they were and getting lost!

But, you guessed it!  Pharaoh still would not let the people of Israel go.

The Passover:

And then the Lord told Moses to prepare for the most terrible punishment of all for this wicked king.  He told Moses that all the first-born in the land would die, but the people of Israel would be safe.

God told Moses to have each family kill a perfect lamb, and mark their doorposts with blood from the lamb.  In that way, the angel of death would know which houses to spare when he came to kill the first-born of Egypt.  He would pass over houses that were marked with blood and the people inside would be safe.

The Tenth and Last Plague:

The next day just as God had said, all the first-born children of Egypt had died.  In each household there was terrible sorrow over their dead children.

Even Pharoah's first born child was dead and so he finally let the people go, and thousands of men, women, and children packed up their belongings and marched out of Egypt!

God's Plan:

Did you know that God also has a plan for each of your lives?  Just as God planned to use Moses, even before he was born, so God has prepared a plan for each of your lives.

God knows each of you, and if you obey God and let Him guide you each day, He will use you at the right time to help and care for other people.

God bless!


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