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The Lost Sheep


Jesus told a story which showed how much God cares for us.

Bible Text:

Matthew 18:10-14.

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


I've found you!

One Hundred Sheep:

Long ago there was a shepherd who had one hundred sheep that he loved very dearly.  Every day he would lead the sheep out of the fold and take them to nice places where they could graze on lots of lovely green grass.  And then in the evening he would lead the sheep back to their fold again and close them up safely for the night.

One day one of the sheep wandered away and got lost in the mountains.  Perhaps it was a little white lamb that fell between some rocks and could not get out again.  The lamb bleated, "Baa!"  Can you make a sound just like a little lamb?  (Let the children respond).

But no one heard and it was very frightened when it began to get dark.  Are you afraid of the dark? (Let the children respond).

One is Missing!

Meanwhile the shepherd was counting his sheep so that he could shut them up in the fold.  Let's count with him: "Ninety seven, ninety eight, ninety nine ..." (Let the children respond).  Now, where is number one hundred?  He called again and then looked all over the field.  No!  Number one hundred was definitely missing!

What name shall we give to the missing lamb? (Let the children respond).  Let's pretend that we are the shepherd and call that lost lamb by name. (Let the children respond).  It was no good.  That little lamb was really lost!

Looking Everywhere!

The shepherd left the other ninety nine sheep safely in the fold and went up into the mountains looking for the lost lamb.  He searched high and low, but found nothing.  Finally, as it got dark he heard an animal bleating, "Baa!"

"There!" shouted the shepherd, "It came from that pile of huge rocks."

Let's pretend you are the lost lamb and call out, "Baa!" and hope the shepherd will hear you! (Let the children respond).  The shepherd heard the lamb and climbed over the rocks, and in a hollow was the missing lamb!

You're Found!

The shepherd was so happy!  He picked up the lamb and put it over his shoulder and carried it back to his flock.  He whistled and sang as he shut them safely in the fold.  That night he called all his friends and neighbours together, saying, "Come and share my joy and happiness, for I have found my sheep that was lost!"

Jesus said, "In the same way, there will be joy in Heaven when a boy or a girl asks Me to come and live in their hearts."  God loves us very dearly, and sees us as very special people, just as that shepherd cared so much for his one lost sheep.

Your Best Friend:

Jesus is our Good Shepherd and He wants us to live with Him in Heaven.  But, we are like lost sheep and need to ask Jesus to forgive us for all the wrong things and sin that we have done.

But, if you ask Jesus to come into your heart be your Best Friend and Saviour, you will become one of God's children, and will live for ever in Heaven when you die.

Jesus will change you inside, so that you will want to please God and make Him happy in all you do and say.  And then there will be great joy in Heaven for you will no longer be a lost sheep!

God bless.


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