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Creation Days


God wanted a wonderful and perfect world and to make us just like Him.

Bible Text:

Genesis 1:1 to 2:2.

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


Look at all the animals the God has made ...

Day One:

In the beginning of the world there was no sky, no sea, no animals and no people!  God was unhappy with this and so He said, "Let there be light."  And suddenly there was light, and it shone out brightly and removed the darkness.  God saw that the light was good and said, "And now when it's dark it will be 'Night' and when it's light it will be 'Day'."

God was thinking of how you need light during the day so you can play.  God gave us the darkness so we could rest and sleep at night.  But, what would you do if it was dark all the time and you wanted to play?

Well, the evening came and that was the end of the first day.

Day Two:

On the second day, God spread out the beautiful blue sky all around the earth.  Do you like it best when it's a beautiful sunny day, or how do you feel when the sky is all grumpy and clouded?  But God said happily, "That looks very good!" as He looked down on earth from Heaven.  And the second day was finished!

Day Three:

On the third day, God looked around and said, "Let all the water be gathered in one place and all the dry land be gathered in another."  And when He had finished, He called the waters "Sea" and the dry ground "Land".

And then God made all kinds of flowers, vegetables, shrubs and plants and trees to cover the land.  When He was finished, God looked at all He had made and saw that it was good and so the third day came to an end.

Day Four:

On the fourth day, God made the sun to light the sky during the day and the moon and stars to shine at night.  He put them in the sky to show us the years and the seasons of autumn, winter, spring and summer.  As evening came, God looked over all His work and saw that it was good and that was the end of the fourth day.

Day Five:

On the fifth day, God commanded that the seas should be full of life.  Soon there were millions of crabs, fish, dolphins, and whales swimming happily in the seas.

God then made chickens, sparrows and pigeons, and all the other birds and sent them hopping, pecking, singing, and flying all over the earth!  God looked over all at what He had done and it was good!  And evening came and the fifth day was over!

Day Six:

On the sixth day, God made creatures to fill the land.  He made sheep, and cows, and dogs, and cats, and every type of tame animal.  He also made lions, and tigers, and elephants and all the wild animals.

God made lizzards, snakes, flies, and ants, and lots of creepy-crawly creatures.  They ran, and walked, and hopped, and flew and slithered all over the earth.  Do you like these creatures?  Well, God made them every one and saw that it was good!

And then God said, "Now we will make people and they will be like Us.  They will rule the fish, the birds and all the other living creatures."  And so God made men and women and gave them His blessing and told them to enjoy life, have lots of children and to take care of all that He had created.  Six days had gone by, and God looked at all He had made, and saw that it was very good in deed!

Day Seven:

On the seventh day God had finished His work and so He rested.  God decided to make the seventh day a special day.  And that is why every Sunday we go to Sunday School to worship and praise God!   God had made a wonderful and perfect world and made us to be just like Him!

Let's close our eyes and thank God for making everything so good, and for making each of us in such a wonderful way!

God bless.


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