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Bible Story Lessons

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When you want to impart important information to a child, it is often best related in a story, because it is more easily understood and enjoyed.

Telling children stories from God's Word is crucial because the Bible's truths will shape their lives and character, and show the good or bad consequences of their actions.


Tell me the stories of Jesus I love to hear

Their faith will grow as they understand how God has worked in the lives of His followers right throughout history.

Bible stories also show how God is intimately involved in every aspect of their lives.



  1.  Creation Days - God wanted a wonderful world and to make us like Him

  2.  The Garden of Eden - God wanted a wonderful world for us

  3.  Adam and Eve Disobey - God made rules to protect us

  4.  Cain and Abel - Jealousy leads to bad feelings of anger and hate

  5.  Noah's Ark - God looks after and protects all His children

  6.  The Tower of Babel - We must not be proud, but ask God for help

  7.  God Calls Abraham - We can also be a friend of God

  8.  Abraham and Lot - If we ask God, He will help us make good choices

  9.  Abraham and Sarah - Nothing is too hard for God to do

  10.  God Tests Abraham - God wants us to obey Him, so that He can bless us

  11.  A Bride for Isaac - God wants to guide and use as we grow up

  12.  Moses and the Bulrushes - One day God may use you in a special way

  13.  Let My People Go! - God knows us and has a plan for our lives

  14.  Crossing the Red Sea - God also answers our prayers

  15.  The Walls of Jericho - Nothing is impossible or too difficult for God to do

  16.  Gideon's Army
  17. - When we think of big God is, our fears will melt away

  18.  Samson and Delilah - He would not say "No" to doing wrong things

  19.  God Speaks to Samuel - God also wants us to serve Him faithfully

  20.  David the Good King - God wants us to obey, love and trust Him

  21.  Solomon the Wise King - If we let God teach us, we will also be wise

  22.  God Feeds Elijah - God will also provided us with what we need

  23.  Naaman the Leper - God can heal us from all kinds of diseases

  24.  Queen Esther of Persia - We need to be saved from bad things we do

  25.  The Fiery Furnace - We need to trust Jesus to help us do right things

  26.  Daniel in the Lion's Den - We are safe because Jesus is always near us

  27.  Jonah and a Great Fish - We pray for kids who have never heard of Jesus


  1.  Zecharias didn't Believe - We need to listen to God and obey Him

  2.  An Angel Visits Mary - Mary listened to God and believed Him

  3.  The Birth of Jesus - Guardian angels look after children who love Him

  4.  Jesus Presented to God - We also need to give ourselves God

  5.  Jesus and the Teachers - He pleased God in everything He did

  6.  The Baptism of Jesus - Do we obey God like He did?

  7.  The Temptation of Jesus - We can say "No!" to doing wrong things

  8.  Fishers of Men - Tell friends about Jesus and be a "Fisher of Men"

  9.  The Miracles of Jesus - Jesus is never too far away to meet our needs

  10.  Feeding Five Thousand - Jesus hears and answers our prayers

  11.  Jesus Walks on Water - The disciples learnt to trust Jesus and so can we

  12.  Tea for Zacchaeus - Jesus is never too busy to spend time with us

  13.  Jesus Dies for Us - Jesus died so that we can live in Heaven for ever

  14.  Fishing and Forgiving - Jesus forgives us when we do wrong

  15.  Jesus Always Sees Me - Jesus watches over His children

  16.  The Lost Sheep - God doesn't want us to be a lost sheep

  17.  The Good Samaritan - Jesus wants us to be kind and care for others

  18.  The Prodigal Son - God wants us to become one of His children

  19.  A Lame Man Leaps - God used Peter to heal a lame man



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