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Games for Little People

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Children in preschool are old enough to follow easy instructions and are young enough to enjoy even the simplest things.

Almost any activity can be made into a game and this makes it easy to find fun games to teach young children about Jesus.

Let's have fun!

Games are more than just fun as they teach positive values and can enhance and reinforce the Bible stories you teach children.

Using games helps make your class interesting and exciting!



  1.  Pin the Tail on a Camel
  2. - If a Bible question is correctly answered

  3.  Mask Plays
  4. - Using face masks to act out the Bible story

  5.  Noah's Little Doves
  6. - Help Noah to safely come out of the Ark

  7.  Pin Drop
  8. - A game to help rowdy children be quiet and settle down

  9.  Colour Change!
  10. - Who's going to be the King of the circle?

  11.  Play-Dough Figures
  12. - Making objects to illustrate the Bible story

  13.  Lost Sheep
  14. - A hunt for lost sheep shows how Jesus cares for us

  15.  Catch My Tail
  16. - This game shows that we need to obey Jesus

  17.  Mixed Up Animals
  18. - God does a good job of caring for us

  19.  Something Red
  20. - God watches over us and cares and guides us

  21.  Lost and Found
  22. - We cannot run away from God's love

  23.  Gotcha!
  24. - A game where a shepherd tries to catch His sheep

  25.  Adam's Party
  26. - He has mixed up the names of the animals!

  27.  Jumping Locusts
  28. - Pharoah tries in vain to catch them all!

  29.  Run for Your Life!
  30. - God protected David and will also keep us safe

  31.  Treasure Hunt
  32. - God wants us to have only true treasures

  33.  Finding Curly
  34. - We were all lost lambs that Jesus found

  35.  Review Baseball
  36. - A fun way to review recent lessons

  37.  Four Gospels
  38. - A fun wake-up game for the middle of a meeting

  39.  Noah's Pets
  40. - An energetic game just for fun!

  41.  What's Missing?
  42. - A memory guessing game

  43.  Shepherd, Shepherd!
  44. - Who has that pesky lost sheep?

  45.  Fishing for Jesus
  46. - You need a steady hand for this game!

  47.  Touch and Guess
  48. - You'll never guess what's in my bag!

  49.  Wake-Up Jesus!
  50. - You must stop the Storm!


  51.  Primary Games
  52. - Various age games to choose from


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