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Catch My Tail


A fun "Follow my leader" game, which teaches that we need to follow Jesus by obeying Him.

Materials Needed:


Memory Verse:

"Jesis said, 'If you love me, you will obey what I command'" (John 14:15).

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


I'm the head of the chain!

The Game:

Have the children line up as in "Follow my leader" and hold onto the shoulders (or alternately the hand) of the child in front of them to form a long chain with the leader in front.  The leader then walks around the room with the chain of children following, while everyone stays connected.  If the chain becomes disconnected at any time, they must stop and all the children must reconnect with one another before continuing.

The leader of the chain must try to catch the child on the tail end, while the children chant, "Crocodile, Crocodile bite my tail."   If the head leader tags the tail-end child, this child will sit out until the end of the game.  The leader continues to chase the end child until five children remain in the chain.  The children then regroup with a new leader and play again.

An alternate way to play the game would be for children to stop and for the tagged child to become the new leader.  The game the continues as before with each tagged child taking a turn to become the new leader.

Following God:

Each week we teach you what God wants us to do in the Bible.   If you want to follow Jesus, then you must do what He wants you to do, and say, "No!" to doing wrong things.  If you do this, then He will be very pleased with you.  And you want Jesus to be pleased, don't you?

This game teaches you to avoid doing things that are wrong.   And so don't let the crocodile bite you!

God bless.


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