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Colour Change!


Children wearing something of a called out colour, must race to sit on an empty chair.

Materials Needed:

At least four chairs.

Memory Verse:

"Let us love one another" (1 John 4:7).

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


I'll change with you!

The Game:

This game is set up like musical chairs with four or more chairs set up as a square.  All the children sit on the floor inside the square while one child stands in the centre.  He or she is the "King!"

The King calls out, "I see a colour, and the colour is RED!"  Then any children wearing something with that colour must jump up and run and find an empty seat.  The children left standing are "OUT" until the next round.

Choose one of these children to be the next King and to stand in the centre of the square.  He or she then chooses another colour, and calls out "I see a colour, and the colour is GREEN! and so on.


If there are too few children at any stage or for a particular colour, let the King call out two or more colours at the same time.  For example, "I see the colour, and the colours are WHITE and BLUE!"

To get all the children to participate, let the King call out, "I see a colour, and the colour is RAINBOW!"

From time to time you can play ordinary musical chairs, where all the children move around a circle of chairs until the music stops.

God bless!


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