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Pin Drop


A game to help rowdy children to be quiet and settle down.

Materials Needed:

A box of straight pins.

Memory Verse:

Jesus said, "Be still, and there was a great calm"
(Mark 4:39).

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


I'm going to drop it!


Choose a child to be Jesus and let him pretend to be sleeping in the back of the boat.  Explain that the disciples were in a boat and were being tossed around by a storm while Jesus was sleeping.  The children can pretend they are the storm by swaying their bodies back and forth.

Then after a while, tell the children to call out, "Wake up Jesus!" Upon hearing this, the child pretending to be Jesus should get up and say to the wind and the waves, "Be Quiet!  Be Still!"   At once all the children must stop swaying back and forth and be as quiet as mice.

While they are quiet, hold up a pin and say, "You are so quiet that I think we will hear this pin drop!  Drop the pin and say, "Did you hear that?"  Finally explain that we don't need to fear storms or be afraid of the darkness, because Jesus is always watching over us.

Pin-Drop Game

Next time the chidren are rowdy, hold up a straight pin in the air and say, "Let's see if you can hear this pin drop!"  The children will remember the story of Jesus calming the storm and will settle down and wait for you to drop the pin.

If they quieten down, you can then say, "Thank you" and carry on with the lesson or what you were doing.  Repeat the exercise if necessary until they are really quiet and paying attention again.

After several weeks, the children will respond and quieten down whenever you hold up a pin!

God bless.


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