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Noah's Little Doves


A scavenger hunt to seek a hidden twig and help Mr Noah and his family come safely out of the Ark.

Materials Needed:

A small leafy twig.
Lesson or story about Noah and the Flood.

Memory Verse:

"God was kind to Noah" (Genesis 6:8).

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


A small twig to hide away


Before the children come in, hide the twig somewhere in the classroom.

Make sure your children know the story of Noah and the flood.   Explain that the flood waters were draining away and that Mr Noah wanted to find our if it was safe to leave the ark.

Playing the Game:

When you say, "Start" the children begin to fly around and look for the twig.  The child that finds the hidden twig wins the game.

You could repeat the game several times while their interest is high.  To do this, have all the children cover their eyes while you hide the twig somewhere else in the room.

Will Noah Drown?

We are going to play a game, because Mr Noah and his family are tired of being shut up in the Ark.  It was noisy and crowded, and all the animals made it smell dreadful!  They have to get out into the fresh air!  But, if there's still lots of water from the flood, they will all drown!  And you don't want them to drown do you?

And so you are all going to be little doves and help Mr Noah.   I want you to stretch out your arms like this, and pretend to fly like the dove Mr Noah sent out to find if it was safe to come out of the Ark.

When I say, "Start!" you must fly around the room by flapping your arms, and see if there is an olive tree twig hidden somewhere!  If you find it, Mr Noah and his family can come out of the Ark safely, and you will win a prize!

God bless!


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