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What's Missing?


A memory guessing game.

Materials Needed:

A large box and lid.
Twenty assorted objects that will fit in the box.
A table.
A cloth to fit over the table and cover the objects.

Memory Verse:

"The Holy Spirit ... will remind you of everything I have told you" (John 14:21).

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


It's easy!  I can remember all my toys!

Setting up the Game:

Collect twenty objects such as small toys and store them in a box with a lid.  When playing the game, take out the objects one by one and name them as you set them out on a table.  After the children have time to examine the objects, they are covered with a cloth and one is secretly removed.  The children must then try and guess which object is missing.

Playing the Game:

We are going to play a guessing game.  In my box I have twenty objects and I will take them out one by one and place them on the table.  (Show each object to the children and name it as you place it on the table).

I want you to look carefully as you will need to remember each object.  (After the children have examined the objects for 30 seconds, cover the objects with a cloth).  Now please turn around so that your backs are towards the table.  (Quickly remove one object from the table and put it back in the box).  You can look now and try and guess which object is missing!  We will play the game again and then say our memory verse.


For more advanced children, to make guessing the object more difficult, mix up the remaining objects when you secretly remove one.

An alternate game could be where you add an extra object and they need to guess what you added.  Or you could add one object and remove one at the same time to try and confuse them!

Good Memories:

This game needed good memories and I see that you all have good ones!  Our memory verse says, "The Holy Spirit ... will remind you of everything I have told you" (John 14:21).

This verse means that as we teach you stories, lessons and verses from the Bible week by week, Jesus will help you remember them.  And the Holy Spirit will remind you of what you learnt, so that you can say and do good things that please God every day!

God bless.


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