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Noah's Pets


An energetic game just for lots of fun!

Materials Needed:

Masking tape.

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


Noah likes me!


Lay out a masking tape line one metre from the end of a hall or a long room.  Repeat this at the opposite end.  One end is the "Start" area and the other end is the "Home" safe zone.

Playing the Game:

One child is chosen to be Noah as is taken out of the hall.  The rest of the children are animals, and decide what animal they are going to be.  For example, "Cow", "Lion", "Bear".  The animals stand behind the "Start" line, and Noah is brought in and stands in the middle of the hall or room.

The animals then begin to dance around Noah while each acts like their animal.  Noah then tries to guess the name of an animal.  As soon as he guesses correctly, all the animals run "Home" while Noah tries to tag one.

If he fails to tag an animal, the game is repeated from the other end of the room.  If he tags somebody, then that child becomes the new Noah for the next round.

God bless!


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