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Four Gospels


This is a fun wake-up and energiser game for the middle of a meeting.

Materials Needed:


Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


Is this the right way?

Playing the Game:

Get the children to line up in the middle of the room.  Point out each of the four walls and name them, "Matthew", "Mark", "Luke" or "John".  Then when you call out the name of a Gospel book, the children must turn and face the relevant wall.  But, if you call out, "Good News" then the children must spin around.

If there is to be no winning or losing, then just play as long as you want or until the children lose interest.  Alternately, any child who turns the wrong way must sit down where they are for the rest of the game.  The last child standing is named the champion!


For a more energetic game, the children must stand in the middle of the room and when you call a direction, they must run to that particular wall.  Again any child who turns the wrong way or runs to the wrong wall is out and must sit down in a safe place that you have designated as the "Out Zone".

The last child to reach the wall is also out.  If you call "Good News" then they can run to any wall they like.  The last player left deserves a nice prize!

God bless.


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