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Review Baseball


A fun way to review lessons children have learnt.

Materials Needed:

A whiteboard.
Coloured dry-wipe pens.
A white board eraser.
A list of review questions.

Hit this one if you can!

Memory Verse:

"I have hidden Your Word in my heart" (Psalm 119:11).

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.



Reviewing the lessons you have taught to your class can be fun if it's done in a creative way.  A good way is to play Review Baseball.  You need to draw a large Baseball Diamond on a whiteboard and add a scoreboard.  Choose two or three teams and write the team names up on the scoreboard before you start.


Before the game, write down questions based on your present and/or past lessons and rate them by difficulty.  The more difficult the question, the more bases the children can run.  For example:

"For a single base run, where was Jesus born?"  If the batter answers, "Bethlehem" then he or she draws a stick figure on the First Base and then the next batter is called up.

"For a two base run, who was Jesus' father?" If the batter answers, "Joseph" then he or she draws a stick figure on the Second Base and the next batter is called up.

"For a Home Run, what did Jesus do when He was grown up?"  If the batter answers, "Carpenter" then he or she draws a stick figure on the Home Base and wins a Home Run for their team. The next batter is then called up.

The Base Runs are added to the Baseball Diamond each time until a Home Run is achieved.

Playing the Game:

Review Baseball is played like real baseball and only one person from a team bats at a time.  The batters each get two tries to answer a question and on the third strike they are out.  The children don't actually run bases, instead the batters draw a stick figure at the appropriate base each time questions are answered correctly.  There is no real pitcher as the teacher pitches a question each time.

When three players are struck out, the team is out and the next team will bat.  Home runs are noted on the scoreboard under the team's name.  The team with the highest score is the winner!  At the end of the game you may wish to award small prizes to the winning team!


Instead of an individual child answering a question, the team could answer as a group.  This will help where the children are young, or if you have children that have difficulty learning or answering questions.

God bless!


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