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Treasure Hunt


God wants us to only have true treasures in our hearts and lives.

Materials Needed:

Prepare small coloured cards with pictures or words printed or pasted on them.
Make 15 "true" treasures with pictures of Jesus, a heart (love), fruits of the Spirit, family, friends, teachers or the Bible etc.
Make 10 "false" treasures with pictures of gold, jewels, money, clothes, cars, boats, sweets or toys etc.

Wow, so much false treasure!

Memory Verse:

"God showers His love on all who call to Him" (Psalm 86:5).

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


The Game:

Hide the cards you have prepared around the room or outside play area.  Form two to four teams and allow them five minutes to search and find the hidden treasures.  When the time is up, the teams must bring their treasures and display them.  Review the treasures they found and discount any "false" treasures.  The team with the most "true" treasures wins the game.

You can then hide the cards again and replay the game as time permits.

Our Treasures:

There are many things that are treasures to us.  You would not like someone to steal all your toys, would you? (Let the children respond).  No, they are things that you value and want to look after.  But, when they get old they are eventually thrown away.

God wants us to have only treasures in our hearts and lives that will last forever and ever.  God has given us the Bible so that we can learn all about Jesus and how we can please Him.  The best treasure we can have is to know God's great love for us, and that we are one of His precious children!

If you have asked Jesus into your heart, then He is your Best Friend!  What other true treasures has God has given you? (Let the children respond).  Yes, God has given you your family, your friends and your teachers.

Other True Treasures:

Can you think of any other true treasures? (Let the children respond).  Well, I can think of one.  As we get closer to God, we can feel His warmth and love.  But, if we turn away from God, it becomes harder to feel the warmth and love He has for us.

God showers His love on all who call to Him (Psalm 86:5), and that is a wonderful treasure!  So make sure you always obey God and pray to Him everyday.  And then you will have many true treasures.

God bless!


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