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Run for Your Life!


God kept David safe from King Saul, and He will keep us safe as well!

Materials Needed:

A square of white cloth.

Memory Verse:

"Lord, you will keep us safe" (Psalm 12:7).

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


Help, he's chasing me!


Many years ago, King Saul was chasing David because he was very jealous of David and wanted to kill him!  But, Saul didn't obey God with all of his heart, and so God chose David to become king instead.

This made Saul very angry as he didn't want David to take over his kingdom.  And so he chased David all over the country trying to kill him (see 1 Samuel chapter 26).  But David loved God and God helped him to escape from King Saul time after time, and always kept him safe from harm.

The Game:

In this game, King Saul is chasing David and he is running for his life.  The children form a circle facing inwards, and hold each others hands as they spread out.  They then drop their hands so that there is a gap between each child.

One child plays David and holds a square of cloth, and stands outside of the circle.  He walks around the circle and at some point drops the cloth behind the back of a person he chooses.  This person becomes King Saul and picks up the cloth and chases David around the outside of circle back to where he or she came from.

If David is not tagged then he or she is safe and slips into the empty space and the chaser plays Saul again.  If tagged, then David becomes King Saul and a new round begins.  If time permits, play can continue until everyone has had a chance to be Saul or David.


Alternately, if David gets tagged, then he or she is out of the game and the tagger becomes the new David.  In this way the circle grows smaller by one child each time, until only five children are left in the circle and the game ends.

God Keeps Us Safe:

Sometimes you feel scared but God will keep you safe.  God is a Great, Big, Wonderful God and He loves you very dearly.  God watches over us all the time and Jesus promised to never leave us.

Just think how David felt when King Saul was chasing him!  He might have been scared, but Proverbs 20:28 tells us that David's love and faithfulness to God kept him safe.

God wants you to ask Him to watch over you and keep you safe as well.  And He will!!

God bless.


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