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Jumping Locusts


Pharoah would not let the Israelite people go free, and so God sent a plague of locusts to devour all their crops.

Materials Needed:


Memory Verse:

"Go and serve God" (Exodus 12:31).

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


I'm going to eat everything in sight!


To start with, read or tell the story to the children about the eighth plague that God sent against the Egyptians in Exodus chapter ten.

And then say, "We are going to play a game to remind us of how Moses told Pharoah to let the children of Israel go, so that they could leave Egypt and travel to the Promised Land.  But, Pharoah was very stubborn, and would not let the people go.

And so God sent a plague of locusts (they are like grasshoppers), and millions of them ate up all the Egyptian's food crops!"  In this game, Pharaoh is going to try and catch all those pesky locusts!"

The Game:

Choose one child to be Pharaoh and all the rest of the children will be locusts.  Children playing locusts will hop or crawl around the room pretending to eat the food crops.  Pharaoh will stand in the centre of the room and the locusts need to spread out around the room.

On your call, "Pharaoh, there's a locust plague!"  Pharaoh then races around tagging as many locusts as he or she can catch, until you call, "Stop!"

Once tagged, a locust must freeze where they stand until the game round finishes.  A new child is then selected to be a new Pharaoh and the game is restarted.


You could use a stopwatch and allow a short set time for Pharoah to tag locusts.  Note the number of tagged children each new Pharoah catches, and the one who tags the most receives a small prize.

To make the game more interesting, plates of crumbled biscuits or cake can be placed at strategic points around the room.  The pieces should be tiny and not larger than 2cm square.  The locusts can eat only one piece from each plate while Pharoah is busy trying to catch them!

A Plague of Locusts:

In Egypt and North Africa they still have plagues of locust.  The sky becomes full of locusts who descend on fields of crops.  In next to no time they will strip off all the green leaves and leave just bare stalks of the plants!  And if this happens, then you will have no crops and go hungry!

Can you imagine all those Locusts covering the Egypt's land?   Wherever you went, there were locusts eating all the crops.  But, Pharaoh was very hard and would not listen to God nor free the Israelite people.

Pleasing God:

Have there been times when you have disobeyed or been cheeky to your parents?  Or what about when you lost your temper and hit someone?

God won't send a plague of locusts to eat up all your food and sweets!  But, He will be sad and hope that you will say sorry, and ask Him to help you to be a good child next time!

Perhaps you have been like this today.  Let's close our eyes and ask God to forgive you and make things right again.

God bless!


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