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A fun game where a blindfolded shepherd tries to catch His lost and wandering sheep.

Materials Needed:

One or more blindfolds.

Memory Verse:

"Jesus came to seek and to save that which was lost" (Luke 19:10).

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


I've gotcha!

The Game:

This is a game of Blind-Man's Bluff where a shepherd tries to catch his lost and wandering sheep.  A child is blindfolded as the shepherd.  The rest of the group will be the sheep who must quietly spread out around the room, and once they are in position, they must not move.

The shepherd repeatedly calls out, "Where are my naughty sheep?"  The sheep then reply each time, "Baa, baa."  He moves toward the sheep, continuing to ask, "Where are my naughty sheep?" until he tags a sheep.  He then shouts out, "Gotcha!" and this person becomes the new shepherd.  The game continues until everyone has a chance to be the shepherd.


To add more excitement, blindfold each child who is tagged, and they also become shepherds seeking their lost and wandering sheep!

Naughty Sheep:

Jesus is our Good Shepherd and He is not blind.  Jesus is always seeking the lost.  He loves all children, no matter how naughty they have been.  Jesus wants to change children into good kids who love Him, and want to please God in all they do and say.

Jesus wants you to invite your friends to Sunday School, so that they can also hear about Jesus, and learn to love Him too!

God bless.


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