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Pin the Tail on a Camel


"Pin the Tail" game, or alternately a contest for Question Time or Bible Quizzes.

Materials Needed:

A4 sheets of orange or brown card.
A copy of the camel from the pattern below.
Felt covered thumbtack board and easel.
A list of Bible questions on the story or lesson.
Sweets or crackers.
A small prize.
For each child:
A thumbtack or drawing pin.
A tail cut out from the pattern below.

A tail pinned on the camel

Press here for Camel and Tail Patterns


  1.  Enlarge or trace a copy of the camel onto a sheet of posterboard.
  2.  The black dot on the camel is the correct place where the tail should be pinned.
  3.  Pin the camel picture onto a thumbtack board and set it up on the easel.
  4.  Make copies of the tails on thin orange or brown card and cut out one for each child.
  5.  Blindfold each child in turn (see game plans below) and give them a tail and a thumbtack.
  6.  Each child is given a chance to pin their tail to the correct position on the camel.

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


Playing the Game:

A Bible Question is asked to the group, and the child who answers correctly is blindfolded and given a chance to pin their tail on the camel.

Alternately, to play as a game, each child is blindfolded in turn and given a chance to pin their tail.

The child pinning the tail nearest to the dot on the camel is awarded the prize.  Give an animal cracker or sweet to each child who had a turn to pin a tail.

God bless!


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