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Little Fingers Crafts

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God created our beautiful world and made us so that we can enjoy the forms, colour and scents in His creation.  Bible crafts are a natural part of teaching to help and explain Bible principles.

We run and play all day!

Like other activities, crafts will review and reinforce the Bible learning and keep the Bible lesson fresh in the child's memory.




  1.  Helping Feet
  2. - God wants us to be helpful to others

  3.  Seed Plates
  4. - Giving thanks to God for the food we eat

  5.  Finger Puppets
  6. - To tell about Samson's haircut!

  7.  Paper Bag Puppets
  8. - To tell or act out any story

  9.  I choose Jesus
  10. - A spinner that children can make

  11.  Mother's Day Card
  12. - A spiral picture card

  13.  Christmas Card
  14. - A "peep-in-me" picture card

  15.  I Love Jesus Pennant
  16. - A craft to show kids love for Jesus

  17.  Jesus Loves You Card
  18. - A card showing how Jesus loves kids!

  19.  Jesus is Alive Plaque
  20. - A Resurrection craft

  21.  Jesus is My Lord
  22. - A craft showing Jesus riding on a donkey

  23.  Fishing for Jesus
  24. - A fishing net craft to help kids invite friends

  25.  Sailing Along
  26. - We need the power of the Holy Spirit

  27.  Look Up!
  28. - We need to think about God's glory and majesty

  29.  Baby Jesus
  30. - Making a plaque of Jesus wrapped in a blanket

  31.  God Cares for Me
  32. - An easy to make flower plaque craft

  33.  God's Beautiful Garden
  34. - Garden of Eden clay models


  35.  Primary Crafts
  36. - Various Crafts to choose from

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