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I Choose Jesus


Children need to choose Jesus.

Materials Needed:

A4 sheets of white card.
Straight pins.
Thumb tacks (with shoulders) or 30mm nails.
For each child:
Cut-out set from the pattern below.
Coloured crayons.

I choose Jesus spinner

Press here for Spinner Pattern

Making the Spinner:

  1. Copy the "I Choose Jesus" spinner pattern onto white card.
  2. Cut out five different sized circles for each child before the lesson.
  3. The chidren can then colour each circle in different colours or patterns.
  4. With your help they must then pierce the centre holes with straight pin.
  5. Starting with the smallest circle, a drop of glue is added to the center.
  6. This is then is placed on top of the next circle using a pin to guide the alignment.
  7. Repeat this sequence until all the circles have been assembled.
  8. Assist the child to push a thumb tack or a nail through the pin holes.
  9. The spinner can then be spun like a top.

Memory Verse:

Choose who you will serve" (Joshua 24:15).

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.



We are going to make "I Choose Jesus" spinners.  You can spin the colourful circles like a top.  Jesus wants us to choose to be like Him in all we do, and say, and think.  We can do this by asking Jesus to help us to be good every day.

Let's ask Jesus to help us talk nicely, and not shout and scream, and to help us to be willing to share with our friends and other children.  And we also need to ask Jesus to help us care for other people, and to be kind to them.


If you do this, then Jesus will be pleased with you.  Every time you spin your spinner, it will remind you that, "I Choose Jesus" and I want to please Him!

God bless.


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