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Paper Bag Puppets


Easy to make paper bag puppets which are very versatile and can be made into a host of characters.

Materials Needed:

Medium sized paper bags.
A4 sheets of coloured thin card.
Optional: pictures of faces from magazines.
Glue sticks.
Crayons and marking pens.

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


A paper bag puppet

Making a Puppet:

Give each child a paper bag and a card face cut-out similar to the one in the picture.  This is then glued onto the flap with the mouth level to the bottom flap fold as shown.   Mouths, noses and eyes can be previously cut from coloured card and the shapes given to the children to glue onto the face to complete their puppet.  They can then decorate it with crayons.

Otherwise, you can let the children just glue a face onto their paper bag from those that you have collected from old magazines.   In this case the "face" will talk rather than than the "mouth" as in the example picture.

Using the Puppets:

If you place your hand in a paper bag with the fingers inside the bottom flap, this then becomes the "mouth" and "face" of the puppet. You can make this "speak" by moving your fingers.

Children love to pretend and they will enjoy acting out your story.  They can move the puppet and make it "speak" as you tell the story or lesson.  Or they can use their puppets to tell and/or act out the story themselves, and "speak" when their character needs to.

God bless!


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