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Seed Plates


Giving thanks to God for the food we eat.

Memory Verse:

"God gives food to all" (Psalm 136:25).

Materials Needed:

Paper plates for each child.
Fast-drying (10 minute) Wood Glue.
Dishes of coloured seeds, pop-corn, cereals, macaroni shapes, spaghetti, beans, peas, etc.
Thin string.
Office punch.

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


Colourful seed plates


  1.  Make sure each child's clothes are protected with a smock.

  2.  Give each child a paper plate and let them share glue and bowls of seeds.

  3.  Help the children glue seeds onto the plates to make pictures or patterns.

  4.  Set the plates aside and allow the glue to dry.
  5.  Help the children punch one or two holes in the top edge of their plates.

  6.  Then tie string through the holes to hang up the plates.


What would it be like if your mother said to you, "There's no food today!"  You started to cry, because you were hungry and your tummy was making funny noises.  That wouldn't be nice, would it?  (Let the children respond).

And so today we are going to make seed plates to remind us to say, "Thank You" to Jesus for the food we have each day.

Seed Plates:

Let's put on smocks to protect your clothes.  I am going to give each of you a paper plate, some glue and a bowl of seeds.  We will then help each of you paint glue on your plate, and then you can put seeds onto the glue to make a picture or a pattern.

When you are finished, we will set the plates aside, and allow the glue to dry while we play a game.  And then we will help you punch holes in the top of your plate, and then tie string through the holes so that you can hang up your plate!


You have made some beautiful seed plates that you can take home to show Mommy and Daddy.  I hope you will hang it up in your bedroom to remind you to say, "Thank You" to Jesus every day for the food you eat.

Let's close our eyes now and say, "Thank You Jesus" for the lovely food we all had today.

God bless!


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