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Sailing Along


We need the power of the Holy Spirit to live lives that will please Jesus, just as a boat needs the power of the wind to sail along.

Materials Needed:

A4 sheets of coloured construction paper.
Thick yarn.
Paper punch.
Pencils and felt-tipped pens.
For each child:
Cut out parts from the pattern below.
A large white paper plate.
Glue stick.
Coloured crayons.

Sailing along with Jesus

Press here for Sailing Ship Patterns

Making the Plaque:

  1. Copy the patterns onto white paper, and make sure the size of the circles matches the centre of the paper plates.
  2. Help the children cut out a half circle from blue construction paper for the water.
  3. Glue it onto a circle of light blue for the sky and then glue the circle to the centre of a paper plate.
  4. Punch two holes on the edge of the paper plates and tie a loop of yarn through these.
  5. Make a paper boat using white for the sail and a bright-coloured paper for the hull.
  6. Glue these onto the water or for a 3-D effect, glue small squares of cardboard behind the boat and the sails.
  7. Cut out a sun and some clouds and glue them on the sky.
  8. Write the child's name on the plaque when it is completed.
  9. Optionally for older children:
  10. Glue a length of yarn around the plate centre for added decoration.
  11. Punch two holes at the top and tie on a length of yarn for hanging the plaque.

Memory Verse:

"God gave (anointed) Jesus the Holy Spirit and power" (Acts 10:38).

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 4.



We are going to make a sailing boat plaque with these paper plates.   We need the power of the Holy Spirit to live our lives in a way that will please Jesus.  Just as a boat needs the wind to sail along.

Our Memory verse tells us that God gave Jesus the Holy Spirit and power. To be good and not do wrong things like disobeying your parents, being cheeky and swearing, you need Jesus to help you.  If you pray every day and ask Jesus to help you to be good, then Jesus sends His Holy Spirit to give you the power to be good and to be able to say, "No!" to doing wrong things.

Let's ask Jesus to do that for us right now.  And then don't forget to ask ask Jesus to help you to be good every day!

God bless.


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