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Helping Feet


God wants us to be helpful to others.

Memory Verse:

"People who bring good news have beautiful feet" (Romans 10:15).

Materials Needed:

300mm square sheets of thick paper.
Marking pens.

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.




  1.  Let a child stand one at a time on a sheet of paper while you trace around their shoes or feet with a marking pen.
  2.  Write: "Child's Name - has Helping Feet" as in the picture.
  3.  Allow the children to colour in their picture and then take them home.

Beautiful Feet:

One day long ago, Paul the Apostle wrote to his young friend Timothy who was coming to visit him.  Paul had been working very hard telling people how Jesus loved them.

But, Paul's other helpers had left him alone, so he asked Timothy to bring Mark with him, because Mark had been very helpful to Paul.

The Bible says that people like Mark who were helpful, have beautiful feet.  Does God want you to be helpful?  (Let the children respond).  How can you be helpful?  (Let the children respond). That's right you can help your Mommy and your Daddy.  You can help your teacher at school and you can help me as well!

Those Helping Feet!

I want all those who want to be helpful to come one at a time and we are going to draw some helpful feet.  We will then write your name on your sheet and that you are a person with helping feet!

Now I want you to colour in your shoe pictures and then you can take your "Helping Feet" picture home to remind you to be always helpful to other people!

God bless.


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