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Little One's Activities

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Activities are creative learning tools that will help the teacher review the lesson in a way that is attractive to children.

We run and play all day!

The goal is to involve children so that they learn by doing, rather than just being listeners.



  1.  Finger Painting
  2. - Saying thanks to God

  3.  Circle Pictures
  4. - God has made a wonderful world

  5.  Leaf Prints
  6. - God made the trees and plants, and each one of us

  7.  Moon and Star Pictures
  8. - God is with us so we need not be afraid

  9.  Potato Prints
  10. - Thanking God for the shapes and colours in our world

  11.  String Painting
  12. - God protects us and keeps us safe

  13.  Spell-a-Verse
  14. - Helping children remember memory verses

  15.  God's Good Soil
  16. - Thanking God for the food we eat

  17.  God Provides
  18. - Puzzles to teach memory verses

  19.  Memory Verses
  20. - A list of memory verses for Preschoolers

  21.  Pleasing Jesus
  22. - A booklet of things we need to do every day

  23.  Growing Seeds
  24. - Letting God's Word grow in me!

  25.  Good Shepherd
  26. - Jesus is Our Good Shepherd and cares for us

  27.  Leaf Shapes
  28. - Matching leaves to their shapes


  29.  Primary Activities
  30. - Activities for older children

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