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A spelling activity to reinforce memory verses.

Memory Verse:

"I have hidden Your word in my heart"
(Psalm 119:11).

Materials Needed:

Short Bible verse(s) written on card or a whiteboard.
For each child:
Noodle or macaroni soup letters.

Age Group:

Preschool to Grade 2.


Today's verse


This activity can be used to reinforce a memory verse because the children will see the words at least twice and they will soon become very familiar with it!

Doing the Activity:

Divide the children into two's and give each group a small handful of soup letters.  On your signal, let them arrange the letters to make a copy of the verse that has been printed on a card or a whiteboard.

This could be a contest where the winner(s) receive a small prize for completing their verse first.  Here are a selection of verses and phrases that could be used:

  1.  "God is love."
  2.  "I will not fear."
  3.  "All have sinned."
  4.  "Jesus Christ is Lord."
  5.  "I give them eternal life."
  6.  "The Lord is good."
  7.  "Jesus loves me."
  8.  "Thank You Jesus."
  9.  "Jesus is my Friend"

Learning the Memory Verse:

Once they have all spelled out the verse you gave them, then let them read their verse together out loud several times.  This will reinforce their learning and they will soon know the verse very well!

God bless.


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